My Panini Experience - One Year Down

This April will mark my first full year as the Channel Marketing Manager at Panini! It has been an exciting first year so far working with the Panini team and our partners as a part of this new chapter. My first job out of college immersed me into the CPG industry, focusing on school and office supplies. I learned to become very confident in my various roles, while learning many aspects of the company, their customers and the CPG sector. As excited as I was to take on the opportunity to challenge myself within a new professional environment at Panini, there is always that initial sense of wonder walking outside of your core expertise. 

I know many people have experienced this very same kind of transition – jumping into a new professional world after years of experience being “comfortable” within their business community. Lucky for me, Panini is a strongly established and simultaneously innovative company; which, has allowed me to have exposure to industry experts while generating new conversations and ambitions for future advancements. It’s refreshing to meet new people and experience new levels of partnership interactions, networks, and understand the nature or needs of end users.
As a marketer, there are some things that wonderfully manage to hold true. One can’t help but gain pride in their brand and strive to ensure that customer expectations are not only met, but exceeded through quality products and services. It’s imperative to know your industry and work with your customers to solve a need or bring a new solution to help strengthen their business. Strong, proven brands and relationships foster an environment to participate in an ever evolving global industry. Panini has exemplified these constants in check capture, payment processing, authentication and more within my time here! 

Even with one year under my belt I am very eager to learn more about the current industry that Panini has continued to excel in and where the next innovations lead us. It will certainly be a journey that I look forward to continued teamwork within Panini and with our valued partners. Onward to year two! 

Krystine Risola
Channel Marketing Manager, Panini