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Elena Orlandi

Panini People: Elena Orlandi

Let us introduce you Elena Orlandi, our Product Manager.

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Federated Digital Identities: a renowed example from the Nordics

Nowadays many Institutions are concentrating on Federated identities, and an excellent example of it comes directly from Northern Europe.

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Elena Traversa

Panini People: Elena Traversa

Let us introduce you Elena Traversa, our F&A - Sales Administration Specialist!

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Supply Chain Microchip shortage

Thinking out of the box: a Supply Chain story

In this article we talk about the importance of creative thinking in times of crisis.

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Daniela Di Bitonto

Panini People: Daniela Di Bitonto

Let's get to know Daniela Di Bitonto, our Production & Purchasing Specialist!

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top 4 reason for going to the branch

Four Reasons why you should visit your Branch

With the rise of COVID-19 in 2020, many people stopped visiting banks in person altogether. With so much of what we do moving and remaining online, the future of the branches we love and trust seems grim – but is it really? Let’s take a closer look.

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Top Banking Fraud Types

5 Top Banking Fraud Types to Watch in 2023

Read more about the top 5 Banking Fraud Types to watch in 2023

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The Rise of Wearables and Contactless

Living through the COVID pandemic changed many things in society, including how consumers prefer to pay for their goods and services. People prefer to avoid contact with cash and POS terminals and only touch objects which are theirs. Let’s dive into this growing trend.

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Working from home?
Here’s some tips to work smarter.

Remote-working can get quite stressful sometimes, but here you can find some interesting tips to make your days more comfortable.

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About prototypes

Panini's R&D Director explains the challenge of dealing with a hardware product when... it's not exactly a product yet!

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Why Fraud Prevention Can’t Wait Until Later

Fraud isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it seems to be getting more sophisticated. Learn how Panini's BioCred can help prevent fraud and help address several other branch-related challenges.

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Electronic Signature

Electronic Signatures: Types and Benefits

From your experts in scanning, another clever and efficient way to move beyond paper. Learn about the types and benefits of electronic signatures, already present in many areas of our lives.

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future branches

The Future of Bank Branches

Online commerce has grown over time. What does this mean for physical bank branches? Learn how integration of digital technology in physical spaces may be the way forward.

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biometrics safe or spooky

Biometrics: Safe or Spooky?

Understand biometric security better, including what facial recognition and facial identification are, how they’re different, and the role facial authentication can play in biometric security.

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