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Cashing checks is a time-consuming part of a property manager’s job: instead of driving to a bank branch or ATM multiple times a week, they’d rather spend the time on higher payoff activities, like showing apartments to prospective tenants.
An RDC application or a check processing function built into a dedicated property management software suite can improve this situation dramatically, by allowing to cash checks without missing a step, while saving precious time and fuel.

Maximum Cash Flow with Minimum Investment

A surprising percentage of renters still prefer to pay by paper check! Remote deposit is the most efficient way for property managers to streamline their processing and maximize the return on investment. By using a specialized software suite – such as the ones offered by Yardi – and an affordable and efficient Panini check scanner, you will no longer need to make bank runs to deposit your client’s funds: your Accounts Receivables will have them available almost immediately, while you are freeing up time and resources to focus on your communities.

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Benefits of utilizing our check scanners

Today any Property Management firm can take advantage of electronically depositing their checks right from each rental office, with conveniences and benefits probably more far-reaching than they can anticipate:

  • Deposit funds the same day to maximize cash flow
  • Eliminate costs associated with bank runs and lost checks
  • Enjoy an extended deposit cutoff time
  • Reduce manual handling and errors
  • Avoid deposit slips and photocopies
  • Make reporting easier

Last but not least, the need to have a branch or ATM close to each of your offices becomes a thing of the past: remote deposit eliminates geographic constraints and gives you an opportunity to terminate any banking relationships which were only motivated by proximity.

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Customer Case Studies

“The return on our investment from the Panini Vision X has allowed us to be more focused, more efficient, and an all-around better property management organization.” - Shannon Tiegs, owner

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Scanners for Property Management

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