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The Future of Biometric Authentication in Banking

Biometric authentication has emerged as a transformative force in various sectors, and its impact on banking is particularly profound. As financial institutions strive to enhance security, streamline operations and improve customer experience, biometrics offer promising solutions.

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Panini People: Let’s meet Cristina!

In this article, we have the pleasure of talking a little bit with Cristina Mininno, our Product Quality Engineer & Project Manager, directly from the R&D lab at our Turin-based headquarters.

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irene amasio

Panini People: Let’s meet Irene Amasio

Today, we have the pleasure of getting to know Irene Amasio, Production and Purchasing Specialist at our offices in Turin. Irene, young but already with a significant wealth of experiences, shares her passion for China and a part of her professional journey at Panini.

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what is synthetic identity?

What is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

In today's data-driven world, identity theft has become a pervasive threat. In particular, an insidious form of identity theft that is rapidly gaining ground, called Synthetic Identity Fraud.  So, what is it exactly and why should you be aware of it?

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Sheila and Becky

Panini People: Let’s meet Becky and Sheila

Let's meet Becky and Sheila, our amazing office coordinators. What's their secret? Let's find out!

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Whys is KYC important Panini scanners

Why is KYC important for your business?

In today's interconnected world, financial institutions, businesses, and organizations are increasingly at risk of being used for illicit activities such as money laundering, terrorism financing, and other criminal schemes. To combat these threats, Know Your Customer (KYC) has emerged as a crucial compliance practice. But what is it exactly and why is it important for your business?

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digital identity panini

What is Digital Identity and why do we really need it?

Every day we interact with the digital world in an endless number of ways. From making online purchases to reading news, applying for jobs online, or using social media, to managing employees access to offices, access shared resources, or even when opening a bank account, our digital identity forms a key aspect of these interactions. But what exactly is a digital identity?

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what are digital wallets Panini solutions

What are Digital Identity Wallets?

In today's increasingly digital world, digital wallets have emerged as a powerful tool for managing and presenting our digital identities. But what are they? Let's discover them together.

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Elena Orlandi

Panini People: Elena Orlandi

Let us introduce you Elena Orlandi, our Product Manager.

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Federated Digital Identities: a renowed example from the Nordics

Nowadays many Institutions are concentrating on Federated identities, and an excellent example of it comes directly from Northern Europe.

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Elena Traversa

Panini People: Elena Traversa

Let us introduce you Elena Traversa, our F&A - Sales Administration Specialist!

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Supply Chain Microchip shortage

Thinking out of the box: a Supply Chain story

In this article we talk about the importance of creative thinking in times of crisis.

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Daniela Di Bitonto

Panini People: Daniela Di Bitonto

Let's get to know Daniela Di Bitonto, our Production & Purchasing Specialist!

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top 4 reason for going to the branch

Four Reasons why you should visit your Branch

With the rise of COVID-19 in 2020, many people stopped visiting banks in person altogether. With so much of what we do moving and remaining online, the future of the branches we love and trust seems grim – but is it really? Let’s take a closer look.

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Top Banking Fraud Types

5 Top Banking Fraud Types to Watch in 2023

Read more about the top 5 Banking Fraud Types to watch in 2023

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The Rise of Wearables and Contactless

Living through the COVID pandemic changed many things in society, including how consumers prefer to pay for their goods and services. People prefer to avoid contact with cash and POS terminals and only touch objects which are theirs. Let’s dive into this growing trend.

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Working from home?
Here’s some tips to work smarter.

Remote-working can get quite stressful sometimes, but here you can find some interesting tips to make your days more comfortable.

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About prototypes

Panini's R&D Director explains the challenge of dealing with a hardware product when... it's not exactly a product yet!

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Why Fraud Prevention Can’t Wait Until Later

Fraud isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it seems to be getting more sophisticated. Learn how Panini's BioCred can help prevent fraud and help address several other branch-related challenges.

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Electronic Signature

Electronic Signatures: Types and Benefits

From your experts in scanning, another clever and efficient way to move beyond paper. Learn about the types and benefits of electronic signatures, already present in many areas of our lives.

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What’s a Micro-identity – and why does it make sense?

Understand what a “micro-identity” is, how it’s playing a role in the online economy, and the role it may play in the future of personal data.

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remote deposit capture

Best Practices for Implementing Remote Deposit Capture

Learn about proper implementation and configuration of Remote deposit Capture technology and how to ensure that RDC works for you.

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future branches

The Future of Bank Branches

Online commerce has grown over time. What does this mean for physical bank branches? Learn how integration of digital technology in physical spaces may be the way forward.

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biometrics safe or spooky

Biometrics: Safe or Spooky?

Understand biometric security better, including what facial recognition and facial identification are, how they’re different, and the role facial authentication can play in biometric security.

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kyle brex

Employee Spotlight: Kyle Brex

Get to know our Global Services and Training Manager, Kyle Brex, his love of golf, and how this position allows him to build great relationships.

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Partner Spotlight: Teksetra

As part of our Partner Spotlight, learn more about Teksetra, a reseller of Panini technology, providing technology solutions from acquisition to repair and support.

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Employee Spotlight Barbara Pucci

Employee Spotlight: Barbara Pucci

Get to know our HR and IT Director, Barbara Pucci, including her perfect day and how this role is instrumental in creating a positive internal work culture.

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Employees at ProNatura

Back on the trails with ProNatura!

We join ProNatura, who is dedicated to nature preservation, in order to help make needed repairs to a hiking trail on Torino Hill, resulting in safer hiking opportunities for everyone who uses it.

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Partner Spotlight: Benchmark T. G.

As part of our Partner Spotlight, learn more about Benchmark Technology Group, who specializes in bank branch automation solutions and frequently integrates Panini products in their strategy.

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Employee Spotlight: Bart McMannon

Get to know our Channel Business Development Manager, Bart McMannon, including the importance to him of family and all things product.

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Tech Data Systems

Partner Spotlight: Tech Data Systems

As part of our Partner Spotlight, learn about Tech Data Systems, who specializes in automating transactions and provides ongoing service for all the products they sell.

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More Than Just Alcohol and Tobacco – 10 Other Transaction Types You Should Check ID For

Checking ID isn’t just important for selling alcohol and tobacco. Learn about 10 other instances where checking ID is important

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Partner Spotlight: Superior Press

As part of our Partner Spotlight, learn more about Superior Press, a family owned business and valued

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Employee Spotlight: Alex Hamilton

Get to know our Software Support Manager in Global Technical Services, Alex Hamilton, his passion for helping end-users and partners, and some of his favorite activities and hobbies.

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How Check Scanning Can Make Your Rental Properties More Profitable

How Check Scanning can make your life easier and your Rental Properties more profitable Learn how check scanners for properties can streamline renting processes and make rental properties more profitable.

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How Panini Can Help You with Broken Equipment

Learn about Panini’s Advanced Unit Exchange program, part of our Maintenance Services, and how it can help keep your vital operations running smoothly.

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How Much Time do You Waste by Not Using a Check Scanner?

Learn how the time-saving advantages of check-scanning go far beyond the time they save in comparison to manually entering information.

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Inside the Panini Innovation Center development process in Turin, Italy

Learn from our Panini Innovation Center based in Turin why developing hardware is challenging, and understand the many steps taken from concept to implementation that turn an idea into usable tech. For instance: how was it possible to further simplify the Vision X to obtain the Vision 1?

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How a Remote Deposit Capture Solution Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Remote Deposit Capture offers more than just ease-of-use. How RDC can impact your bottom line, make customers happy, and optimize the way you do business.

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paying with your phone

Paying with your phone 2.0

Many people now use their mobile devices to make payments for goods and services. How has the practice evolved since its initial inception?

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Understanding the Universal Banker Model

Learn more about the Universal Banker Model, what this comprehensive approach to banking entails, and how it differs from traditional banking models.

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Volunteer: it will change your life

Jessica Back, our Marketing Communications Manager, discusses how volunteering can be a challenging yet enriching life experience.

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time for sharing

Time for Sharing!

Panini’s Director of Marketing, Francesco Grasso discusses the concept of “sharing,” and how we live in a time to share—everything from rides to exciting ventures.

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cleaning scanner

How Often Should you Clean your Check Scanner?

Keeping check scanners cleaned regularly is important. Learn how often they should be cleaned and what steps should be taken in cleaning.

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Loving My Job Amid the COVID 19 Situation

Strategic Account Manager, Glen Devall, Discusses the ways Covid has changed business, and the positives of working from home when possible.

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Artificial Empathy?

In this PaniniNote we discuss the concept of “artificial empathy,” whether it will ever be truly possible, and genuine humanity.

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Branch Transformation – The Future is Now

EVP of Sales Jim Harris discusses branch transformation and the role of innovation in creating the bank branches of tomorrow.

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Challenging Limits, Finding Courage

IT HR Director Barbara Pucci discusses limits and how pushing them can be an enriching experience, and how running has been instrumental in learning humility and courage.

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Consistently Great Service is Consistently Great for Business

Customer service can have a profound impact on your business. Director of Channel Sales, North America, Robert Coyan discusses how excellent customer service is crucial.

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Farewell to China?

Manlio Lombardo, Panini’s Supply Chain Director discusses why “farewell to China” probably represents an erroneous assessment of China’s role in global business.

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RDC in Italy: To be or not (yet) to be?

Learn about the future of Remote Deposit Capture technology in Italy.

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A fast-paced metaphor

A fast-paced metaphor Learn how fencing holds significant parallels to business, and how our time with Max and Marta of Over the Bumps and Monica of Allenprice learning to fence was an enriching experience.

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Yet another blog?

Introducing: Panini Notes, a blog dedicated to discussing the ever-changing world of payments.

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