Conceived specifically for small business Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), the Panini I:Deal is a small, attractive, single feed check image scanner designed with direct input from the targeted end user - a bank’s small business customer.

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RDC is quick and easy with I:Deal

The I:Deal check scanner provides a compelling check capture experience, designed specifically for the needs of small business users of remote deposit capture (RDC), and featuring affordable cost of ownership combined with optimized ergonomics and the industry-leading performance and reliability customers expect from Panini. Utilizing patented technologies to deliver capabilities critical for RDC success including high quality dual-sided image capture, document franking, and advanced reading technologies in the areas of MICR and OCR, the I:Deal is the obvious choice for reduced document volumes. A pocketing capability minimizes paper handling, providing document storage while ensuring transaction sequence integrity.

Features & Benefits


Single feed with automatic alignment


Intelligent (selective) franking option


Horizontal clamshell design for easy access


Accurate MICR read and duplex image capture


Integrated stacking pocket or return to feeder


Panini Services (including AUE)

Clever design for excellent performance

Accurate reading of the check’s codeline and high-quality duplex image capture are both paramount importance to make sure the deposit operation is successful. The I:Deal makes it easy and efficient with its unique auto-alignment mechanism, ensuring maximum user convenience and impeccable quality of data and images. Its compact shape fits on any desktop, and when not in use the storage pocket folds down as a cover. Last but not least, the clamshell design ensures easy access to the device’s interior for maintenance, cleaning, and franking roller replacement.

No unneccessary hustle with I:Deal

The I:Deal features horizontal document feed, thus providing the natural experience of a self-service device. Your checks are neatly stacked in the storage pocket in the proper depositing sequence, and with optional franking they can also be marked on the front to prevent the occurrence of a second deposit attempt in an ATM or bank branch. Truly, the ideal platform to address your small-volume check deposit needs from the convenience of your office and avoid annoying trips to the branch.

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Details make the difference

Our products are carefully thought out, designed and assembled for top level performance: find out what makes the I:Deal so special and user-friendly.

  • What’s the most common application for the I:Deal?

  • Which image formats can the I:Deal deliver?

  • Can the I:Deal mark or endorse the check it’s scanning?

  • How many checks will the exit pocket hold?

  • How does the I:Deal connect to the host, and which operating systems does it work with? Does it work with a Mac?

  • Can I scan more than one check at a time?

  • How big is the scanner?


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