Panini's single feed check scanner mI:Deal is the practical, smart, and secure solution for cost effective and reliable low-volume check capture, in a wide range of application options, from the world’s most trusted brand.

Check capture reliability and flexibility with mI:Deal

Combining innovation and ease-of-use with API-free connectivity to RDC, POS, branch and mobility applications, mI:Deal offers the most reliable and economical capture of checks with comprehensive Check 21 compliance.
The mI:Deal, compatible with a wide variety of physical and virtual environments through wired or wireless connectivity, provides exceptional, state-of-the-art flexibility for deployment and enables cost effective and highly efficient check capture with a minimal integration effort.

Features & Benefits


Usable for RDC with no need for APIs


Usable in Branch of the Future applications


Adds professional check capture to the POS


Usable in mobility applications


MICR, duplex imaging, franking, barcode reading


Wired or wireless connectivity

Hassle-free operations with mI:Deal

When the I:Deal appeared over a decade ago, it broke the rules and created an entirely new format and experience for a single feed check scanner. Today, you can find all its benefits – including the unique auto-alignment mechanism, clamshell design and elegant storage pocket – with the addition of Panini’s intelligent scanner architecture a allowing to greatly simplify installation, onboarding and maintenance in a variety of settings, not only as a PC peripheral.

Countless benefits at your fingertips

The horizontal-feed experience of a self-service device right on your desktop, letting you get the job done from your own office and avoid annoying trips to the branch… and with the outstanding advantage of avoiding to download and manage your peripheral’s APIs and drivers over time. Capture the advantages of the ground-breaking form factor, while speaking to the application in the language of the web. And in black it looks even nicer!

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Details make the difference

Our products are carefully thought out, designed and assembled for top level performance: read more about what makes the mI:Deal truly unique.

  • What’s the most common application for the mI:Deal?

  • Which image formats can the mI:Deal deliver?

  • Can the mI:Deal mark or endorse the check it’s scanning?

  • How many checks will the exit pocket hold?

  • How does the mI:Deal connect to the host, and which operating systems does it work with? Can I connect via Ethernet?

  • Can I scan more than one check at a time?

  • How big is the scanner?


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