Panini's universal identity platform revolutionizes your physical channel by consolidating a number of essential authentication & identity verification functions in a minimized footprint.

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Delivering the promise of trusted identity

BioCred delivers security, convenience and privacy via its unique and patented fingerprint-based biometric authentication system, as well as supporting several other important in-presence applications such as ID document verification and electronic signature. All this is achieved via a clever design effort whose result improves how customers are served and how spaces are used, creating a better user experience, increasing efficiency in customer-facing processes and protecting the Institution against identity theft and impersonation fraud.

BioCred is suitable for Financial Services, other public-facing industries with repeat customers (healthcare, hospitality, and more) and even retail – wherever it makes sense to address both authentication and other needs via an integrated, advanced and highly ergonomic platform.

Features & Benefits


FBI-certified fingerprint-based customer authentication with offline matching


No privacy concerns because the customer keeps their own credential


Compatible with alternative authentication methods


Professional ID card scanning as part of identity verification/KYC


Touch display usable for e-signature and to allow user choices

A masterpiece of consolidation

Our research reveals that a majority of Institutions are either already using or strongly considering biometric authentication in their branches as a way to improve customer service and fight identity fraud. The resulting credential is delivered to the customer in two forms: a QR code and an NFC token; the Institution does not keep a copy, which is good news for both parties.

No Institution, however, will feel comfortable with an additional device in their peripherals lineup to cover a single function. Consolidation is Panini’s answer, alongside excellence in all the solution’s functionalities: a single, intelligent device capable of ergonomically interacting with both the service reps and the walk-in customer, while streamlining processes, reducing cable clutter and saving precious space.

Surprise your customers, save their time and yours, and close decisive business more easily.

Your most valuable customers deserve impeccable service

While everyday communications and transactions are rapidly shifting to digital and mobile, Financial Institutions and other businesses are well aware that the most valuable customers are the ones they also – more or less frequently – meet in person. These customers cannot be offered an onboarding or transactional in-person experience which is less efficient or secure than what they may be already used to online.
That’s where BioCred comes into play: at the sales desk or at the teller station, you can offer secure authentication (biometric or more traditional – document-based), scan ID documents for KYC and sensitive processes and allow e-signatures via fingerprint or stylus. 

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BioCred credential

Be impressed by all it can do!

BioCred is designed to enable a variety of customer-facing applications with maximum usability and ergonomics, while letting the Institution retain control over the settings and the outcome of each operation.

  • What’s the most common application for BioCred?

  • Which authentication methods does BioCred support?

  • What about identity verification processes, which part does BioCred play?

  • Can I use BioCred for electronic document signature, and help reduce the use of paper?

  • Does BioCred ensure compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR in Europe?

  • Is BioCred modular and/or scalable?

  • How does BioCred connect to the host, and which operating systems does it work with? Does it work with a Mac?

  • How big is the device?


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