Vision E

The Panini Vision E is built on the foundation of the world's best selling check scanner, the Panini Vision X, and responds to the industry demand for an affordable, API-free and driverless batch check scanner for Remote Deposit Capture.

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Remote Deposit made easy with Vision E

The Panini Vision E is designed for mid to high volume RDC and avoids the installation and periodic updates of APIs and drivers and all the related maintenance overhead. It removes those barriers and can also be used wirelessly or connected directly to a LAN.

The Vision E features innovative and versatile capabilities such as: API free, Operating System agnostic integration (providing true check capture & truncation capability with a variety of host devices and applications including MacOS support); Vision X level, undisputed reliability; one-line ink jet endorsement; barcode decoding options.

Features & Benefits


Unparalleled ease of use and ergonomics


MICR read accuracy and superior Image quality


USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity


Flawless document handling


Usable for RDC with no need for APIs or drivers


Reinforced by Panini Services

Performance-oriented innovation and versatility

Unsurpassed ergonomics and ease of use, accurate check reading and duplex scanning, reliable essential ink jet endorsement and sequential pocketing. No frills: everything you need for efficient RDC, now with an intelligent architecture which allows to greatly simplify installation, onboarding and maintenance.
The Vision E comes in two configurations: 1F for single feed, and SF in batch feed with a capacity up to 50 checks. As in the Panini tradition, single feed units can be upgraded to batch via software key, ensuring investment protection and adaptability to the document processing workload.

An easier way to get things done

As a user of remote deposit capture, you will easily acknowledge how annoying it is to download and manage your peripheral’s drivers and APIs over time. Especially nowadays when the majority of applications you are using are web-based, this appears as a thing of the past. And when an RDC customer ever has a problem in using the service, more often than not it has to do with software libraries!
Today you can cut the problem at the root with the driverless and API-free Vision E, delivering the benefits and advantages of the highly praised Vision X, but speaking to the deposit application in the language of the web.

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Intelligence is served!

Our products are carefully thought out, designed and assembled for top level performance. Find out more about the intelligent version of Panini's bestseller.

  • What’s the most common application for the Vision E?

  • Which image formats can the Vision E deliver?

  • What's the scanner's capacity and throughput?

  • How many checks will the exit pocket hold? Is there a two pocket version?

  • Can the Vision E mark or endorse the check it’s scanning?

  • How does the Vision E connect to the host, and which operating systems does it work with? Does it work with a Mac?

  • How big is the scanner?


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