Delivering RDC users the best Customer Experience

An expert Team capable of delivering a complete onboarding experience to your new RDC Customers, or a seamless migration path to existing ones.
Brand-agnostic expertise built upon a legacy of quality support, ensuring exceptional results.

Support Your Customers: Help Desk services

help desk


The goal is simple: how can a Bank acquire more Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) customers and get them successfully transacting while not burdening the already overwhelmed onboarding resources?

Our Team augments the bank’s RDC customer onboarding strategy, so that you can focus on customer acquisition while relying on proven experts to fulfill new customer requests. ONBOARDC provides both self-service and guided assistance, by using best practices as a framework for customer interaction. Our service fits around RDC Customers’ busy schedules the ability to plan and prepare for setting up their platform: no wait, no hassle, and no stress.

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Here’s what we deliver: 

  • Representing your Brand: ONBOARDC uses the bank’s branding in all aspects of communication, from visual elements in the Welcome Kit and the scheduling tool, to answering phones using the bank’s name!
  • Augmenting your own Team: we have experience with hardware selection, fulfillment, device set-up, software connectivity, and even training of such bank services as wire transfers, ACH transactions, and more.
  • “White Glove” treatment: the entire onboarding journey is facilitated by a single individual committed to the customer’s success.
  • Scanner-agnostic: the service is brand-agnostic and has a great deal of experience with a variety of models, not just Panini.
  • Software platform-agnostic: thanks to over 15 years of experience, our Team has acquired competence on numerous Financial Institution software platforms, and can handle customized versions as well.
  • Quick to results: we understand why business customers choose RDC: their business relies on funds being available, so our Team’s goal is to rapidly and successfully guide them to that first deposit transaction.


Remote Deposit Capture solutions depend on an application software release which may evolve or be replaced over time, which involves APIs, Operating Systems and other software components, each with their own life cycle. The hardware itself – the scanner – may also need replacement over time.

When one or more elements needs replaced, our integrated and comprehensive MYGRATION service will ensure a smooth transition and a quick return to productivity for both Institution and End Users.

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Rely on our Team for your setup, installation, and configuration needs:

  • Technical experts experienced with device setup
  • Software engineers focused on installation, migration, connectivity, and configuration
  • Industry professionals who leverage best practices to achieve the highest customer satisfaction

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Your RDC Customers can engage our Team as needed to assist with check scanner functionality and technical operations:

  • Devoted assistance to the End User
  • 15 years of experience serving RDC Customers
  • A financial model built to minimize costs
  • Designed to augment your own team of experts and free up their time for other support tasks
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COMING SOON: Fulfillment services

The hardware component of a Remote Deposit Capture service is a check scanner which has the potential of representing the Institution on the Business Customer’s desktop.

Banks may want to personalize the delivery of this crucial component via fulfillment services, which allow to include inserts, special instructions or consumables in the scanner package, to personalize the delivery, and possibly even to arrange that the scanner’s logos and/or colors reflect your brand.

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