Multifunctionality, Consolidation and Hybrid

This approach aims to optimize multiple operations to be carried out in a single space, by consolidating several functionalities into a single device.
As a result, device footprint is reduced and customer efficiency is increased, providing the best Return on Investment. Clever and well thought-out design choices help achieve these goals – and at Panini we have developed a remarkable expertise in this domain.

  • Multi-purpose

    A broad range of use cases and application scenarios.

  • Flexible

    Perform traditional functions and more advanced ones on the same platform.

  • euro


    Single connectivity, one vendor relationship and one maintenance contract.

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The challenges of fragmentation and paradigm change

Most of Panini’s customers have been using our specialized devices to read and scan checks reliably and efficiently.

Besides that, a bank teller systematically needs a printer. Then occasionally an ID card scanner to serve an unbanked customer. Then possibly a POS terminal to authenticate walk-in customers through their own debit or ATM cards. One day, NFC capability appears in some documents; customers get used to signing on tablets instead of on paper; QR Codes make their appearance and have to be read…

Institutions that choose to respond to individual needs with dedicated devices soon end up realizing that their operator’s limited space is completely cluttered. All are competing for room and for a decently ergonomic placement, and most of them have their own power supply and USB cable. Moreover, each requires a maintenance contract, often with different providers.

Another challenge our customers face is when they lean towards a new technology, process or approach which seems to have great potential to transform and improve the way they work, but don’t want to take the risk of making a radical change overnight – rather preferring a future-proof form of investment which allows a more gradual transition from their current way of working to the new paradigm.

“The selection of Everest technology reduces the complexity of integration and provides the infrastructure for future use of Wi-Fi connectivity.”

Consolidating value and making it future-proof

Panini has chosen a consolidation approach for its first, ambitious Secure Identity proposal: BioCred is a sophisticated fingerprint reader, a physical and digital ID reader/scanner, a signature platform, an NFC and barcodes reader, and a certified PIN entry device. All capabilities are modular, unified under a single OS, and using a single power supply and data connection.

Customers often choose Panini precisely because our products are future-proof and protect their investment. Thanks to sophisticated firmware changes, our flagship scanner EverneXt can boot in Hybrid mode and 100% mimic its earlier, USB-driven equivalent. Banks can initially use EverneXt Hybrid with legacy software written for the Vision neXt, and later upgrade the scanner and switch to a very different way of using it – such as wireless control, device sharing, or autonomous mode.

Similarly, Financial Institutions authenticating their walk-in customers using card & PIN or ID card based authentication can plan for a more secure and user-friendly biometric authentication process: BioCred is compatible with all, and can therefore adapt to the bank’s implementation agenda and/or customer preferences. Present and future can live side by side, as long as desired.

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