Panini has enabled clients to capitalize on shifts in the global payments processing market for decades.
When check processing was centralized and required to handle massive quantities high speed, our readers/sorters stood out for superior mechanical build and robustness, while our nationwide support network had a reputation for unsurpassed responsiveness and quality. When distributed processing took over, we carefully observed what others had done before us, and crafted the ideal balance between form and function, price and performance, resulting in a best- and long-seller till present day.

We listen. We design. We deliver.

At Panini, we listen to Financial Institutions – we have always done so. Yes – we’re techies, we love technology! But always work on our projects with open ears and eyes – and an open mind.

The digital transformation of the paper check is a saving opportunity per se, because moving data instead of moving paper is intrinsically smart.
The earlier in the process you carry out the digitization, the greater the efficiency and the savings, but – in parallel – the lower the user’s familiarity with specialized equipment.
A back-office banker is less familiar with dedicated technology than a service center technician. A teller even less so – and they will have a customer in front of them, demanding attention. Finally, a business customer depositing checks from their own office has probably never seen a check scanner until they unbox one to start depositing from remote.

We listen to each: their needs, their expectations, their pain points.

The results are evident: a reliable, user-friendly and easily serviceable device; a satisfied user; a Financial Institution saving time and money.

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Countless benefits… and ONE benefit.

Over time we have delivered our innovation to market in many shapes and forms, to the point that our products are universally known and appreciated by banks, post offices and businesses all over the world. Still, if you were to ask what the greatest value is that Panini can bring to our customers, we won’t hesitate to answer with a single word: efficiency.

  • Efficiency in extracting relevant data from financial documents with utmost accuracy
  • Efficiency in helping your personnel get the job done with as little attention as possible… so that attention can go to your customers
  • Efficiency in onboarding customers and in authenticating them securely when they return to branches
  • Finally, efficiency extended to your business customers, thanks to a win-win application such as Remote Deposit Capture

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"Panini clearly was already integrated and at the top of the list and was far superior to any other product."

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Technology banks know they can depend on

Trust comes first. You customers trust you to deal with their money – including reliably handling their checks. When using a Panini scanner, you are treating your customer’s money with the highest degree of care and competence.