Finding Silver Linings in the Midst of a Pandemic

Last week I was supposed to be in Orlando at the FIS InFocus event. This is an event I look forward to every year because it’s a great opportunity for Panini to engage with many financial institutions, but it’s also my chance to spend time with so many of my industry friends. It always ends up being a highlight of my year…unfortunately not this year. 

All of us have stories like these as we’re forced to adjust our work and personal lives during this pandemic. Events are cancelled, personal contact is limited, sadness is looming, and disappointments are mounting; however the pandemic is also a catalyst for many positive opportunities – if we allow it to be.

My industry friends and I gathered virtually for happy hour in place of our in-person gathering in Orlando last week. We shared a little about work, but mostly we just enjoyed each other’s company and carried on conversation, just as we would have had we been in the same space. We made the most of the opportunity that was available to us, and with plentiful technology at our disposal; we can all take advantage of this work-around to spend quality time with those important to us and continue to conduct business without skipping a beat.

Whether we realize it or not, we’re all developing and nurturing a variety of skills we may not actively engage on a normal daily basis - ingenuity, patience, problem-solving, creative thinking, technology, mindfulness and so many more. We’re realizing more than ever the importance of staying positive and choosing to be happy and productive despite our current circumstances – because happiness and productivity are CHOICES, not circumstances.

As we continue to navigate this unchartered territory, we must remember we’re all in this together. How we choose to respond is just that – a choice, your choice. We can choose to be sad, disappointed, worried, and concerned, or we can choose to rise above and find the silver linings. This will pass. We will gather together again at conferences, in our offices, at sporting events, dinners with our families and happy hours with our friends. And when that time comes, my wish for all of you is that you’re happy, healthy and loaded up with an abundance of new skills and gratitude. 

Jessica Back
Marketing Communications Manager, Panini