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Be more flexible to be stronger

After about 20 years (10 with Panini) spent within Research and Development groups, the idea of continuing my career indefinitely in that area was taken for granted.

Over time, my involvement in Supply Chain activities (which represent the logical continuation of R&D activities), and in actions ensuring a balanced and effective liaison between the two departments has grown into my main commitment today. The perspective is on the one hand disorienting, while on the other hand I can’t but admit that I find it extremely engaging and exciting.

Managing the variability of the production mix is perhaps the most complex challenge. Panini products are, more often than not specially “cooked” for each of our customers, and they are poorly suited for storage on an inventory shelf waiting for the right customer to ask for them. The accuracy of sales forecasts, therefore, plays a fundamental role in correctly orienting production choices, reducing transport costs, and controlling inventory levels of components and finished products. On the other hand, even the most accurate forecast will be subject to a margin of error and, as in a restaurant worthy of Hell's Kitchen, the risk of discovering way too late which kind of customer will cross your door and what they will order is always around the corner.

The management and mitigation of this risk requires both a streamlined, efficient, and flexible structure of the Supply Chain team and the careful selection and management of the “right” Contract Manufacturer. The latter must know how to combine technical skills and attention to quality with extreme flexibility allowing it to adapt in a timely and effective manner to the variable needs of our company.

Far from assuming the current structure is a point of arrival, and therefore confirming our aspiration for continuous improvement, you still may observe that the daily and very close collaboration between Panini and its main contract manufacturer is an enviable example of synergistic cooperation which guarantees us a real competitive edge in global markets.

Manlio Lombardo
Director, Supply Chain Operations

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Welcome Alberto Argiolas – Panini’s new Product Marketing Manager

(Alberto enjoying a tour of Cincinnati during his trip to Panini North America this month.)

Vision neXt

Through functions consolidation, footprint savings, and ease-of-use, Panini’s Vision neXt is not just a check scanner, rather an enabler for bank transformation via optimized teller capture and streamlined operations.

To learn more about how your customers can improve their efficiency and savings by implementing Panini’s latest technology, check out our Teller Evolution guide here.

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