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I found myself reflecting on this simple but often unnoticed truth when I decided to completely change my life about 3 years ago.
Graham Greene once wrote “There is always one moment [...] when the door opens and lets the future in.” That was the moment
when I chose to say "I restart from myself" ...

My work experience in the sales field started very early... I could say at the age of 7, when it was about gathering enough money to buy an official Juventus FC jumpsuit (after 39 years I came to work in Turin, the home town of Juventus… now that I'm no longer a football fan...): I sold 74 issues of Topolino (an Italian Disney themed comic book) and 34 issues of Il Giornalino (another kids' magazine) in a single afternoon, setting up an improvised sales desk with an old sheet, on a sidewalk in the village where I grew up, 20 km away from Milan. Since then, selling has always been my passion and my natural instinct because, as my mother says, I could even sell ice at the North Pole! Sales is my passion because I have studied a lot and read a lot of books on the subject, acquired a Master's degree at the London School of Economics, and taken several courses on Sales techniques and and public speaking. Yes, knowing how to speak in a structured way to clearly explain the concepts is not disconnected from the logic of sales, rather it is one of its key points.

So I started working in the sales field, first as Internal Sales and then as Sales Representative in Compaq Computer (after becoming HP), then Account Manager at General Electric. In 2006 I joined BNP Paribas as Sales Director and over the years I became International Business Development Manager. After various personal happenings, in 2015 I had an epiphany and decided to leave everything to move to China for a year. I learned Chinese and had the most significant experience of my life. On my return to Italy I took a job at Dell as an Account Manager, and now have arrived at Panini in March 2018, where I am happy to be able to put to good use all that I have learned in almost 20 years of experience.
The choice to move from a very large company to a smaller companyy is for me a fantastic challenge that I accepted with extreme enthusiasm, because I believe nothing in life happens by chance... and I am sure that It will be a success!

If someone asked me if working in sales for so long did not get a bit tiring, my answer would be very simple: for me Sales is Communication, and I just could not live without communicating!

Gabriella Scannadinari
Regional Sales Manager 
UK - France  - Spain - Portugal

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EMV White Paper

EMV in the Branch: An Opportunity for Safer Customer Authentication
To learn more about the great opportunity to leverage this secure technology to prevent identity fraud, click here.


EverneXt Hybrid . . . coming soon!

You will love how the most sophisticated distributed capture platform on the market just got even better!

Installations available in Q3 will pave the way for future technology advancements in the industry.

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This quarter was packed full of events - many trade and partner shows - that Panini was pleased to attend. Here are some highlights!

The Panini Team exhibited at both FIS Events this quarter - Connect and Infoshare. (Bart McMannon and Joe Sciulli pictured in the booth at FIS Infoshare below).

Panini also had two of our largest international events this quarter:

The Payments Summit in Canada and CIAB in Brazil - where we featured Remote Deposit Capture and the success we're experiencing with our valued customers in both Canada and Latin America.

See us at the following Upcoming Events:

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New Premio Rewards Success Stories
“Best Thing Ever” - Show us photos of your rewards and get even more rewards!

Whether you've used your hard-earned Premio points to plan your dream family vacation or get your son the graduation gift he's always dreamed of; this is your opportunity to share the best thing you ever did with your Panini Premio points!

Login to your Premio account and click HALL OF FAME for more information and to participate.

Spring Into Action
Congratulations to the winners, AWESOME job!

Financial Instant Issuance Referral Program
Please see the light blue “FII Referral” button in the tool bar on the top of this page. To learn how to earn Premio Points for a referral, please call Doug Deger at 939-528-4631 for more details.

REFRESHED PaniniNotes Blog
Panini has restarted our blog on the company website. Check it out, share, comment - we love sharing with you and receiving your feedback!


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