Torino, Italy and Dayton (Ohio), USA (December 2, 2022) – Panini S.p.A., a global payments technology provider, is participating in Future Branches in Austin, Texas – a three-day networking conference focused on how Financial Institutions are adapting to the challenges related to widespread digitization.

This edition of Future Branches marks a decisive step for the Company, who now has a joint mission within the payments world and into the growing market of identity verification and authentication solutions. The Panini booth will feature the launch of BioCred, a sophisticated, privacy-centered authentication system aiming to reduce fraud and improve service for walk-in customers visiting physical branches, within the financial industry as well as in other business sectors, as well as automating a number of other functions related to customer identity, in-person transactions and even payments.

BioCred is an unprecedented hub-like platform featuring FBI-certified fingerprint biometrics, QR code and NFC reading, electronic signature, with possible implementation of digital signage and innovative payments. Panini's patented biometric authentication process generates a unique, encrypted credential that the enrolled customer will retain control of, thus removing privacy and safety concerns on their end as well as on the Institution’s. At the same time, the device uses a clever consolidation approach to combine several branch-relevant functions within the same compact footprint, optimizing ergonomics and cable management and allowing savings on both expenditure and maintenance.

“No bank doubts about the reliability and quality of our payment documents processing product range, but it's time to embrace new challenges: while paper may be gradually going away, people aren't,”

says Massimo Biffi, Strategy and Business Development Director, Panini.

“Panini is now broadening its scope to include Secure Identity, and ready to open up to new industries and applications, as well as new, exciting partnerships and opportunities. BioCred represents a new beginning as well as an innovative and ingenious proposal to a growing, attractive market, in which we will stand side by side with technology giants.”

BioCred will be jointly presented by Panini’s Jim Harris and US Bank’s Adam Szuszkiewicz in the event’s Innovation Spotlight, scheduled at 3 PM of the first day (Dec 6).

In parallel, the Panini booth will feature the latest and most advanced platform of its intelligent scanners range, the EverneXt, built on the patented, driverless and API-free Everest architecture which uses HTTPS protocol for host communications, making it independent from the end user’s Operating System. EverneXt marks a decisive step in the evolution of check processing platforms and is designed to serve as a cornerstone of branch transformation projects: it eliminates barriers between customers and bankers and enables an extensive range of (wired and wireless) connectivity options, layouts and use cases. EverneXt is already an internationally successful platform, with important installations in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Future Branches will take place at JW Marriott in Austin, Texas - USA, from December 6 to 8.

Panini will be exhibiting in booth 111.

About Panini

Founded in Turin, Italy, Panini has enabled clients to capitalize on shifts in the global payments processing market for over 75 years. Panini has a rich history of innovation, resulting in market leading solutions based on state-of-the-art engineering and ISO 9001 quality certified production. Panini improves customer efficiency and fraud prevention via trusted and innovative technologies for check truncation and secure identity. The company’s scalable check capture systems address the complete range of distributed capture opportunities, resulting in the world’s largest deployed base of scanners, and their expanding portfolio of secure identity technologies includes reliable, user-friendly options for identity verification and authentication. Panini operates on a global scale and has a direct subsidiary in Dayton (OH), USA to cover strategic North American markets.

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