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Our Portfolio

Secure Identity

Authenticate and do much more.

Financial Instant Issuance

Impressive results at a reasonable cost.

Single Feed Scanners

Compact, reliable and flexible check scanners.

Batch Scanners

Easy use, reliability, and superior performance.

Multi-Format Scanners

ID cards, driver’s licenses, other rigid documents, full page documents and more.

Wireless Scanners

Connect a professional check scanner wireless.


Ink jet cartridges, franking rollers, cleaning cards, feeder rollers and more.

Authentication Software

Devices management, authentication and image enhancement.

About Panini

Established in 1945 in Turin, Italy, Panini features a successful history of helping clients to capitalize on shifts in the payment processing market. Panini offers check capture products which help customers fully understand the advantages and productivity accessible with the digital conversion of the traditional check. Panini's scalable check capture products address the complete range of distributed check processing options, like teller capture, back-counter, remote deposit capture and remittance processing. Panini's item assortment provides a full and scalable foundation for check truncation and payment administration initiatives, giving first-class efficiency in essential areas such as picture quality, MICR reading, document handling, and printed endorsement.

Panini's Reseller and Associates

Panini has created an extensive network of value added resellers, suppliers, and software collaborators that distribute Panini items world-wide. Partners integrate their computer software with Panini's payment processing platforms to create a total formula for clients in the financial services business.Panini provides a complete suite of assistance solutions to ensure effective setup of our check scanners and payment processing solutions, and to guarantee client return on investment. Services include training, help desk support, project management, implementation services, items management, depot service and advanced unit exchange.

Mission & Quality Statement

Panini's Mission is to create top quality, advanced and reliable products for document digitization in business banking and payment system environments to strengthen customer operational productivity and information integrity. Our Quality Supervision Method is lined up to the following company values: Customer Obsession: We take a consistent market and buyer centered method to guarantee our products and services produce value for our customers while surpassing customer anticipations of our performance. Complete Quality Commitment: We go after high quality and reliability specifications for all items, services and processes. Ongoing Advancement: We work as a dynamic, innovative and creative business dedicated to supplying breakthrough choices that deliver significant and differentiated value to the market. Wellness & Security: We're committed to abide by all pertinent legal and other health & safety requirements, taking concrete activities to ensure that all steps regarding the working life in the Company are in total conformity with these requirements and to consistently enhance the work-related safety and health of our employees. Stakeholder Value Development: We respect, appreciate, and make an effort to satisfy the value commitments and expectations from all of our stakeholder groups and individuals including staff, customers, shareholders, business partners and suppliers and also have a company-wide unwavering commitment to persistent improvement and success. Cultural Ethics: We thoroughly conserve a culture of fairness, reliability, legal compliance, and remarkable ethical principles while cultivating the cultural dimensions of collaboration and endless learning & betterment. The Board of Directors has carried out a commitment to evaluate this policy on a yearly basis and apply it as a planning device to achieve company goals and objectives.

About Panini

Founded in Turin, Italy, Panini has enabled clients to capitalize on shifts in the global payments processing market for over seventy years. Panini has a rich history of technology innovation, leveraging the company’s expertise in research & development.
Panini’s market leading solutions are based on state-of-the-art engineering resources and ISO 9001 quality certified production. Panini boasts the world’s largest deployed base of check imaging systems and offers an expanding range of branch transformation solutions including intelligent capture, instant issuance, and secure identity options for reliable and user-friendly customer authentication.
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