Help Desk Services

Professional support for remote scanner installation and configuration


Panini has provided fulfillment and support services for the Remote Deposit Capture market since 2006.

Our team has dedicated technical experts who understand the challenges of onboarding and supporting an RDC business. With a legacy of quality customer support, we will ensure that your brand, priorities and positive customer experiences continue to be upheld through our RDC Help Desk Services.

Ask Panini how this experience can be the key to your success:
✓ How do we reduce demand on the bank’s help desk?
✓ Can we combine self-service and guided assistance?
✓ Can end users reserve a time that best fits their schedule?
✓ Are there ways to reduce the total project time so businesses can begin transacting more quickly?

Our Enhanced Services Offering

Engage with Panini’s RDC Onboarding Team and eliminate the challenges with getting your business customers up-and-running
  • Professionals dedicated to representing your brand – your way
  • Skilled technicians scheduled to quickly help customers with their entire solution: from device set-up to transacting
  • Tailored solutions that leverage best practices and vast experience

Platform Conversion

Rely on Panini’s Help Desk Services Team for your set-up, installation, and configuration needs
  • Technical experts experienced with device set-up
  • Software engineers focused on installation, migration, connectivity, and configuration
  • Industry professionals that leverage best practices to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction