Panini is pleased to announce the launch of a new eco-friendly packaging which reflects its continued commitment to protecting the environment. 

Torino (May 31, 2022) - As June 5, World Environment Day approaches, Panini is taking part in the transition to a greener future. This recurrence was established in 1972 by the United Nations to leverage people to be aware of the global threats to our environment and take action to protect it. The 2022 theme, after 50 years of advocacy, is “Only one Earth”- the first slogan launched in the foundation year at the Stockholm Conference. This slogan is a call for change to enable a more sustainable living.

While already adopting policies aimed at lowering its environmental impact (e.g. via compliance to WEEE and RoHS European directives – have a look at our Environmental policy to discover more), the company is raising the bar by making its packaging completely eco-friendly. Starting this year, Panini is replacing the current “SILICA GEL” with the new “PROPASEC Green” desiccant bags, which reduce moisture rate inside our products’ packaging. These items are produced using natural raw materials and a carefully selected biodegradable and compostable fabric—achieving premium safety for both the user and the environment while guaranteeing high absorption and resistance rates.

Furthermore, the long-seller Vision X check scanner polystyrene cocoons and the latest-generation EverneXt scanner cardboard pulp shells are being replaced by a corrugated-cardboard solution that, thanks to the extraordinary height of its grooves, yields greater performance in terms of flexibilitycushioning capacity and lightness. Due to its FSC-certified pulp and reduced consumption of paper per given volume, it is the best eco-alternative to plastic, especially when it comes to reducing COemissions.

In addition, the corrugated-cardboard comes from Northern Italy rather than other current feedstocks from the Far East, allowing a substantial reduction in terms of its environmental impact. The use of this material will be extended to a wider range of existing and new products in the near future.

"This achievement is a decisive step in our journey towards a more sustainable future and it shows our constant effort to meet the growing expectation for eco-friendly processes and products. Moreover, our environmental policy pushes us to always look for the most innovative and less polluting solutions.”

states Manlio Lombardo, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Panini.