Panini creates solutions for the secure truncation of financial documents and efficient payments processing, to facilitate in-branch and remotely-driven digital transformation and increase associated business opportunities.

Panini’s scalable check capture platforms address a complete range of distributed check processing opportunities including teller and branch capture, branch transformationremote deposit capturelockbox/remittance processing and more, delivering superior performance in critical areas such as image quality and treatment, MICR reading, and document handling.
All Panini scanners are able to natively output SNMP traps usable with leading device monitoring platforms, such as Nagios or Tivoli. Our intelligent scanners (mI:Deal and EverneXt) do not require the installation of an API, they are compatible with any operating system, and they may even be driven by mobile hosts such as tablets and smartphones.

Panini also provides a comprehensive suite of support services to ensure successful implementation and client return on investment, including training, help desk support, fulfillment parts management, depot service and advanced unit exchange (AUE).


Vision neXt Check Scanner
Save space, save time, treat customers better
Branch Transformation just got more intelligent
Vision X Check Scanner
Simply put, a synonym for “check scanner”
Vision E Check Scanner
An intelligent RDC check scanner
mI:Deal Single Check Scanner
Check capture without limitations
I:Deal Single Check Scanner
Designed specifically for small business Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
Offers More Options to Small and Medium Businesses
wI:Deal Check Scanner
Optimized for a wide range of applications involving checks and other document types
Multi-Function Options
The do-it-all add-on for your Vision X
Teller-facing customer identification platform
Full-function user-friendly encrypted PIN pad
Instantly prevent fraud. Impress Your Customers. Help Your Staff.
Cardmint FX
The robust choice for fully personalized flat cards