Our range is designed with the Customer in mind, devoting the greatest attention to improving their efficiency and user experience. Panini’s scalable check capture platforms address the complete range of distributed processing opportunities, delivering superior performance in critical areas such as image quality, codeline reading and document handling. Panini also offers an expanding range of secure identity solutions, software applications and value-added services.

Single Feed Scanners

Panini single feed cheque scanners are compact, reliable and flexible. Whether it’s a small business office, a Financial Institution branch, or an individual who demands secure payment processing on the move, these devices are the answer. Having been designed with the user in mind, these scanners are quick to setup, easy to maintain, and most importantly they offer a straightforward user experience, coupled with the security and quality you expect from your professional payments processing equipment.

Batch Scanners

Panini batch cheque scanners have a long standing reputation for ease of use, reliability, and superior performance in critical areas such as image quality, MICR reading, and document handling. They are used across the globe by countless Financial Institutions, Post Offices and Businesses for their cheque and other financial documents processing needs, encompassing Branch Capture, Teller Capture and Remote Deposit Capture applications. In addition to cheques, they are used to process payment slips, meal vouchers, postcards, gift coupons and other check-sized documents.

Secure Identity

Thanks to our strong relationships with our Customers, Panini knows Financial Institutions as well as businesses in several other industries, in this age of exponential digitalization, have been facing an increasing wave of fraud-related experiences and losses. In response, we have started building a attractive range of new solutions to address various options for reliable and user-friendly document verification and customer authentication, expanding into cutting-edge applications and technologies such as electronic signature, biometrics and digital identities. And while addressing fraud, we can help with ergonomics and optimisation of spaces - increasing the satisfaction of both customers and workforce.


Panini hardware products are integrated into relevant software applications via APIs,  drivers and protocols which are not found on this web site - please check our Driver Policy page for more info. Besides the mentioned components which are strictly related to our hardware devices, Panini also provides full-fledged applications of our own, designed to increase their value and offer an optimised user experience.

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