In the world of mobile banking and social distancing, RDC (remote deposit capture) is more important than ever. No longer a novelty, it is now a standard practice and essential to any bank. With technology like this available, it doesn’t make sense not to take advantage of it.

Why Customers Love RDC

It’s fast and it’s convenient. As a customer, what more could you ask for? For people with a busy schedule, taking a trip to the bank to deposit a check can be a hassle, especially if their office isn’t nearby. If they can’t get away during normal business hours, it can also be hard to find a time. Or, they might try to go on a lunch break and then end up with line of people all with the same thought, all waiting and getting cranky because they’re forfeiting their entire lunch break to deposit checks.

Many businesses now rely on banking apps and check scanners, which allow them to use RDC to quickly deposit their check and continue their work. Depending on the amount of the checks and the bank they use, funds deposited via RDC are typically available next business day. In a small business where the business owner must wear a lot of different hats, any little thing that saves time is a win. Steve Casey, Treasurer of the American Red Cross, noted that they use RDC check scanners—among other Panini solutions—to improve the “back office” efficiency, so they can focus more time on their true mission.

How Check Scanners Improve Wait Time for Tellers

Check digitization isn’t just beneficial in remote banking. Using check scanners in your branch can increase your tellers’ efficiency, which will in turn improve the customer experience. As mentioned above, for customers who can only visit the bank during a lunch break due to work schedules, this can create a rush and back up tellers. Check scanners can allow tellers to assist customers more quickly and enhance the entire customer experience. Happier customers will do more business with you. Not only that, but word of mouth is one of your best marketing tools. Happy—and unhappy—customers talk and they’ll share their experiences with others. You want what they’re saying about you to be positive.

The Best Solution for Rural Branches and Businesses

For bank branches and businesses in rural locations, RDC check scanners can be a huge benefit. As Rodney Bahr, Principal of Edward Jones, points out, when they have branches in rural locations, “when their check scanner doesn’t work, we are not moving money to the bank.” If a rural business/branch doesn’t have an RDC check scanner at all, they may have to wait several days before they have the time to visit a bank and deposit their checks.

Panini Solutions

Panini offers several different RDC solutions. There are single feed RDC check scanners (ml: Deal, I:Deal, Vision 1) and Batch feed RDC and teller capture scanners (Vision X, Vision E, Vision neXt, EverneXt). This means that you have a lot of options for finding the right RDC or teller scanner to suit your needs.

Just as important as the scanner itself, is the software and service that comes with every RDC scanner. Panini check scanners are supported and certified by the RDC industry’s best independent software vendors. And if you ever encounter any problems with the software or a scanner, Panini offers top notch customer service to get you back to business quickly.