Everest Fleet Management

Panini's latest generation products use an intelligent, HTTPS-based architecture which removes the constraints of USB peripherals. Our EFM offering supports remote management of these true network devices via a secure channel, over Ethernet or WI-FI, making sure they always operate as expected.


Your intelligent fleet now at your fingertips

The Panini intelligent (“Everest”) products used within your footprint share a common configuration and are expected to work all in the same way; or, if there’s an exception, you need to make sure it’s the one you want, applied only where it’s needed.

That said, peripherals undergo repair and replacement, they change location and user, so keeping track can be complicated. A wrong configuration, firmware release, or an expired security certificate can result in a device not performing as expected, thus compromising workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Panini’s EFM makes sure your choice of our Everest products – the ones playing an important role in your branch transformation projects and improving the way you serve your customers – generates even more value: all decisive technical factors will be centrally monitored, with fixes and updates rolled out automatically right where it’s needed, and no need to create and send out command line tools.

Features & Benefits


Simplifies product onboarding and ongoing support


Performs device configuration and firmware verification


Helps manage SSL and EAP Certificates to maintain compliance with your security policies


Database for storing configuration and firmware details, as well as historical data


Supports product interrogation upon boot or at periodic intervals


Web interface for server operation management

An integrated view for optimised performance

Panini’s EFM enables automated product configuration from a single
central site, quickly and easily, for an individual product or for
grouped products, simultaneously. The EFM’s internal database stores
customer-defined groups, firmware details and historical data, making
them easily accessible and enabling optimised control of the status and
performance of the entire installed base.

Reduce your service time

An advanced software allowing to support and simplify remote configuration and management of the latest generation of Panini Products. Thanks to its intuitive and ergonomic user interface, Everest Fleet Management reduces service time and on-site interventions for upgrades or for network and product configuration.

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Here's how it works

Panini's intelligent products are driven by the HTTPS protocol: the EFM leverages this architecture to provide an integrated view of important features you need to keep under control.

  • What’s the most common application for the EFM?

  • What can I do with the EFM?

  • Can the customer modify the definition of product groups?

  • Can the customer check the product configuration?

  • Is the communication between the product and EFM secure?

  • How are EFM accesses managed?


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    An open eye on your installed base

    By controlling our intelligent products via the EFM, you further improve the efficiency Panini's secure and reliable solutions are designed to deliver.

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