Vision 1

The Panini Vision 1 is a single drop feed, high value cheque scanner for highly professional and user-friendly small-medium business Remote Deposit Capture or low volume Teller Image Capture applications.

Top level accuracy and performance for small volumes with Vision 1

The Vision 1 is able to read cheque MICR codelines with top accuracy, capture superior quality duplex images (including TrueColor and FastColor) and physically mark items on the rear side via its one-line ink jet printer – effectively positioning it for all circumstances where legislation, compliance requirements, or the Financial Institution’s preference imposes the use of rear physical item endorsement – while simplified mechanics and no feeder consumables enable even simpler maintenance and increased cost savings.

The Panini Vision 1 leverages the proven performance and capabilities of the world’s most trusted platform in cheque capture, the Vision X – universally considered the industry benchmark for distributed capture with over a million installations worldwide – bringing its many advantages and benefits to a small volume capture scenario.

Features & Benefits


Easy vertical single document drop-feed


Proven "Vision X-rooted" reliability


No track consumables, simpler mechanics & maintenance = Cost Savings


Optional single line ink jet endorsement


Superior document handling

A simplified device for efficient performance

Mechanics of the Vision 1 are the simplest possible, to allow efficient codeline reading, high quality duplex imaging, single line endorsement and reduced-footprint pocketing – with no sacrifice whatsoever on ergonomics, reliability and serviceability. The straightforward, easy solution for low-intensity remote deposit and low-traffic branches.

The choice is easy with Vision 1

Just drop your cheque – done. The universally acclaimed shape and form of the world’s most popular scanner, now optimised and simplified to deliver all the essentials for low volume cheque processing at an affordable price. An authentic no-brainer!

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Details make the difference

Our products are carefully thought out, designed and assembled for top level performance: learn more about this masterpiece of simplification.

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  • Can I scan more than one check at a time?

  • How many checks will the exit pocket hold? Is there a two pocket version?

  • Can the Vision 1 mark or endorse the check it’s scanning?

  • How does the Vision 1 connect to the host, and which operating systems does it work with? Does it work with a Mac?

  • How big is the scanner?


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