Driver policy and Open Source

Drivers and APIs

Installing new drivers without the knowledge of your application software provider or financial institution may cause your application to become unstable or unusable. It is Panini’s policy to provide our API and drivers directly to all Panini affiliated application software providers and financial institutions; they in turn distribute these drivers with their software. It is also Panini’s policy to not distribute these drivers directly to our end users.
Panini has several hundred authorized software developers and we support a large volume of products. When a software provider develops their application they write it to specific drivers and software engines provided by Panini.

Mixing drivers and engines that have not been tested and certified by the application software provider can result in an unstable or even unusable condition with the equipment.
By obtaining the drivers directly from the application software provider, we know that you are protected against introducing what could be a very intermittent or total failure of your equipment.

All this could result in falsely diagnosed equipment failure, costly down time, and unnecessary frustration. This can also result in an unserviceable application by your software provider or financial institution. We realize that many of our customers have extensive knowledge and are quite capable of installing drivers and troubleshooting problems caused by the above situations; however the vast majority of users would find it difficult to recover in the event that a misapplied driver was introduced into their

The sheer volume of users makes it impossible to limit the possibility of these aforementioned conditions.

Panini appreciates your understanding and cooperation with these policies and we stand ready to assist with any questions or help your application provider or financial institution might have in implementing new drivers to their software suite.

Open Source

If you need source code archives for our Linux-based products (intelligent cheque scanners and BioCred), please contact our Technical Support via the dedicated form.