Branch Transformation just got more intelligent!
The Panini EverneXt batch scanner builds on decades of Panini experience as a leader in payments capture, and it has become the premium choice for many important Financial Institutions, deeply transforming their way of dealing with cheques.

High performance in demanding environments with EverneXt

This revolutionary platform was specifically designed to address the most common barriers in teller capture (environment, operator, and document quality issues), resulting in unparalleled levels of usability and productivity, now available with the unprecedented Everest intelligent  architecture which allows API-free, OS-agnostic integration to a variety of host devices via HTTPS protocol. Alternatively, customers already using an API-based application written for its predecessor, the highly successful Vision neXt, can seamlessly switch to EverneXt in Hybrid mode with no code changes, making their installation future-proof.

Features & Benefits


API free, Operating System agnostic integration via HTTPS protocol


Sharable by roaming tellers in an open setting ("Branch of the Future")


Enables maximum focus on the Customer


Natively compatible with applications written to the Vision neXt (on Windows)


Professional capture technology both in wired and wireless environments


Various teller functionsin a minimised footprint

Intelligent multifunctionality at its best

No scanner on the market packs a wider range of advanced capabilities in such a compact footprint and with a more stylish design. Ergonomics, high speed, impeccable paper handling, superior printing capabilities (including cut sheet receipts and cashiers’ cheques), device accessibility – and compatibility with an unprecedented range of use cases, thanks to its unique, intelligent HTTPS-based architecture.

The EverneXt can even be used in a special configuration called Autoscan, an always-ready mode in which cheques are simply dropped in the feeder, immediately processed with no need to press “start”, and their data stored in a pre-determined location; the user will be able to review the data and close the transaction at a later moment.

While you take care of your customer, EverneXt
does the job for you

Likely the most advanced cheque capture platform you can choose, the EverneXt will truly make processing easier and intuitive for you, allowing you to focus on your customers while the device reliably gets the job done for you. The patented auto-alignment mechanism will make accurate cheque jogging unnecessary, and the scanner will complete the processing more rapidly than you can imagine, with the unit’s top display ready to promptly advise in case of any anomaly.

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Here's why it's our flagship

Discover why EverneXt is considered by many to be the most advanced and complete cheque processing platform available on the market.

  • What’s the most common application for the EverneXt?

  • Which image formats can the EverneXt deliver?

  • What's the scanner's capacity and throughput?

  • How many cheques will the exit pocket hold? Is there a two pocket version?

  • Can the EverneXt mark or endorse the cheque it’s scanning?

  • Can the EverneXt print receipts?

  • How does the EverneXt connect to the host, and which operating systems does it work with? Does it work with a Mac?

  • How big is the scanner?


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