Cheque Imaging in the Branch

Cheque capture in the branch, thanks to image-based truncation legislation, is allowing Financial Institutions in many countries to expedite cheque processing, extend deposit cut-off times, and reduce clearing expenses. Cheques are read and scanned directly in the bank branch where they are brought for deposit, and their digital data is transmitted to the paying bank or to a clearing center, eliminating the need to physically transport paper.

Scanners used for branch capture need to be feature-rich, robust, accurate, fast, and in some cases capable of physical items sorting. Panini combines all of these features into expertly designed platforms.


Efficiency and savings have a direct impact

Teller capture is the process of reading and scanning cheque and related items at the teller window in the branch of a Financial Institution, delivering efficiencies and savings which directly impact the bank’s bottom line.
The use of Panini cheque scanners minimizes teller intervention and application downtime, as well as promotes branch transformation thanks to their multi-functionality and ease of use. Even inexperienced users become productive within minutes, while keeping focus on customers and their needs instead of on transactions.

  • Increase the branch’s sales potential
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Implement smoother workflows
  • Reduce your operating costs

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The entry point to avoid moving paper

Branch capture is the process of reading and scanning cheques and related items in a centralised location within the bank branch – oftentimes located in a back-office environment. Some Institutions implement branch capture as a way to embrace image-based truncation more rapidly, then later upgrade to teller capture which further increases efficiency.

  • Eliminate physical cheque transport
  • Expedite cheque processing
  • Physically sort items (if needed)
  • Reduce your clearing expenses

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Customer Case Studies

“I’m very pleased to say that working closely in a partnership with Panini allowed a very successful implementation and the solution is a success today with both our staff and with our customers"

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Our ideal
cheque imaging platforms for branch use.

From teller capture to back office needs, Panini scanners can significantly reduce the banker’s burden, enable efficiency and savings and improve customer satisfaction.