Total Protection Services

The Single-Source Provider for Protecting Your Investment

Panini is known industry-wide for quality, innovation and customer support. That’s why Panini should be the single-source provider for all your technology needs. From purchasing through installation, fulfillment through integration, and maintenance through repair, Panini ensures you get maximum value from critical assets, in any location, at any time!

Customers from recognized financial services, education, commercial and government organizations recognize Panini’s expertise in:

  • Network & Server Design, Maintenance and Security
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Financial and Payments Transaction Systems
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Visual Communications Systems
  • Professional IT Services
  • System Integration
  • Fulfillment
  • Project Management


Panini’s vast range of services are below (click on each for additional information)

Reduce productivity downtime by prioritizing mission critical device replacement

Eliminate coordination of multiple vendors to maintain and repair business technologies

Reduce deployment time engaging hardware and software professionals

Rely on seasoned expertise to manage the complete fulfillment process  

Significantly reduce downtime caused by a lack of habitual scanner cleaning practices