Scanner Care Subscription

Significantly reduce downtime caused by a lack of habitual scanner cleaning practices

Implementing regular cleaning practices is an easy way to impact the longevity and performance of your scanner. Panini’s Scanner Care Subscription automatically delivers cleaning supplies to the branch or RDC location when needed as a convenient reminder to clean devices. Protect your investment by preventing costs accumulated by downtime, operational investigations, service calls and repairs.

A 1-Year Subscription Catered to Your Professional Needs:

Remote Deposit Capture

Supplies for a single scanner per RDC customer

Supplies Weekly Bi-Monthly
Cards 1 Card 5 Cards
Swabs 5 Swabs



Addresses up to 5 scanner per branch

Supplies Monthly Quarterly
Cards 5 Cards 25 Cards
Swabs 6 Swabs
Wipes 25 Wipes