• Vision E Check Scanner
  • Vision E Check Scanner

An intelligent RDC check scanner

The Panini Vision E is built on the foundation of the world's best selling check scanner, the Panini Vision X®, and responds to the industry demand for an affordable, API-free and driverless batch check scanner for remote deposit capture (RDC). 

The Panini Vision E is designed for higher volume RDC and avoids the installation and periodic updates of APIs and drivers and all the related maintenance overhead. It removes those barriers and can also be used wirelessly or connected directly to a LAN. 

Vision E features innovative and versatile capabilities such as:

  • API free, Operating System agnostic integration - providing true check capture & truncation capability with a variety of host devices and applications including MacOS support
  • Vision X level, undisputed reliability
  • One-line ink jet endorsement and barcode decoding options


The Panini Vision X® is the most popular check scanner on the market, with an impressive list of references among Financial Institutions of all sizes as well as Post Offices and business users, and close to a million worldwide installations in total. Its combination of undisputed reliability on the basics of check capture (accurate MICR reading, superior image quality, impeccable paper handling and endorsement printing options), attractive total cost of ownership, outstanding ergonomics and system scalability ensure its continued success.


Features & Benefits

Unparalleled ease of use and ergonomics

Flawless document handling

MICR read accuracy and superior Image quality

Usable for RDC with no need for APIs or drivers

USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity

Panini Services


Technical Specifications

  • Ergonomic and user-friendly document feeder:
    • Single feed "1F” version (upgradable to SF batch feed)
    • Batch feed "SF" version - 50-document feeder capacity, throughput up to 50 documents per minute (dpm), throughput based on 6” check specification.
  • Ultrasonic double feed detection for superior reliability against real & false double feeds.
  • Advanced MICRPlus® magnetic reading including OCR correction for optimal MICR read accuracy.
  • Grayscale duplex scanning in multiple resolution settings (100, 200, or 300 dpi), for maximum imaging flexibility.
  • Optional 1-line rear ink jet printer.
  • USB 2.0 RNDIS (TCP/IP over USB) default connectivity; LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi available (both requiring an optional USB dongle).
  • Compatible with Windows PC, Linux, Mac, smartphone, tablet, POS terminal or any other host device capable of sending HTTPS commands.
  • Security: SSL (https) applied to all types of communications between scanner and host: Wi-Fi, USB and LAN. WPA2 encryption additionally applied to Wi-Fi communications. Images and MICR deleted from the scanner at the end of the transaction. Multilayer authorization on scanner use modes (Wi-Fi, LAN, etc.).