Post Offices

Post Offices engaged in document dematerialization projects, whether front office (teller) of back office based, can successfully exploit Panini scanners - such as Vision X - to:

  • Decode OCR lines, 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes on pre-marked bills or payment slips, either individually processed or in batches
  • Professionally manage check deposit thanks to magnetic or optical codeline reading, front & rear image scanning, and physical and/or virtual (on-image) endorsement
  • Read magnetic codelines, optical codelines and/or barcodes on single-sheet passbooks
  • Scan the full front and rear sides of the document, which can be displayed on the teller's screen to aid manual data input on unmarked (manually filled in) bills or slips
  • Print transaction information (“postal stamp”) up to four lines – even on different document portions if needed

If allowed by legislation, the hard copy of payment slips may be returned to the customer, while the Postal Institution works with the scanned image as evidence of the transaction.


The Vision neXt, our latest scanning platform centered on front office requirements, allows a number of additional teller functions including full payment slip or receipt printing up to 14 lines of text, cashier’s check personalization, and ID card scanning.

Features & Benefits

Decode OCR and barcodes on payment slips or postal bills

Use the scanned image to aid data input

Professionally manage check deposit

Handle and read single-sheet passbooks

Print transaction information on the document

Return the hard copy to the customer