IES (Image Enhancement System)

An even higher quality level of document imaging and optimization can be reached on Panini scanners thanks to our Image Enhancement System (IES), now available as an add-on for valued customers using the Panini Vision API.

Designed to further increase the efficiency of check scanners, Panini’s IES delivers automatic and systematic treatment of hard-to-read money orders, government checks, and other items often subject to poor print quality, resulting in dramatically improved levels of human (visual) and automated readability, to minimize handling costs and expedite processing time.

How it works

IES is a licensed software option activated via Panini’s Vision API, working in the background and no disruption of your current check processing application regardless of whether it is branch-based or Remote Deposit Capture.

A Graphical User Interface is offered to guide the user through the preparation of a set of customized image filtering rules for several different document types. The Panini Vision API will use such rules to automatically improve specific critical image areas on item types that would otherwise be identified as hard-to-read. Filtering rules are triggered by specific MICR codeline sequences, which ensure each category of documents is treated in the most effective and appropriate way: all processed documents complying with defined rules will yield images with their pre-defined critical areas automatically filtered for better readability.

IES is available on Panini I:Deal, Vision X and Vision neXt check scanners. Please contact us for more details.