Mission & Quality Statement

Panini’s Mission is to create high quality, innovative and reliable solutions for document digitization in banking and payment system environments to improve customer operational efficiency and information integrity.


Our Quality Management System is aligned to the following company values:

Customer Centricity: We take a consistent market and customer focused approach to ensure our products and services create value for our customers while exceeding customer expectations of our performance.

Total Quality Commitment: We pursue high quality and reliability standards for all products, services and processes.

Continuous Innovation: We operate as a dynamic, innovative and creative organization focused on delivering breakthrough solutions that deliver substantial and differentiated value to the market.

Health & Safety: We are committed to comply with all applicable legal and other health & safety requirements, undertaking concrete actions to ensure that all processes concerning the working life in the Company are in full compliance with these requirements and to constantly improve the occupational health and safety of our employees.

Stakeholder Value Creation:  We respect, appreciate, and strive to satisfy the value obligations and expectations from each of our stakeholder groups and individuals including employees, customers, shareholders, business partners and suppliers and have a company-wide unwavering commitment to continued growth and profitability.

Cultural Integrity:  We rigorously maintain a culture of fairness, reliability, legal compliance, and impeccable ethical standards while fostering the cultural dimensions of collaboration and continuous learning & improvement.

The Board of Directors has undertaken a commitment to review this policy each year and use it as a planning instrument to achieve company goals and objectives.

Panini SpA
Michael Pratt
April 28, 2015