Panini has determined to support as a sponsor the research of the Digital Identity Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management for 2023.

Established in 1999, the Digital Innovation Observatories, and among them the one on digital identities, are today a key point of reference on the topic of digital transformation, and they aim to integrate research, communications and continuous update. In fact, their mission is:

to generate and spread knowledge about opportunities and the impact of digital technology in companies, public authorities and the citizens. Our approach consists of interpretive models based upon sound empirical evidence together with centres for independent ongoing and pre-competitive discussion to bring together the demand-and offer-side for digital innovation.”

More specifically, the Digital Identity Observatory has multiple goals for 2023, including understanding how the landscape of 360-degree digital identity solutions is shaping up, both nationally and internationally, and delving into key innovative trends in digital onboarding and recognition solutions and their various applications.

Panini is pleased to begin actively contributing to the Observatory's initiatives, believing strongly in a mutual exchange of knowledge and know-how.

The collaboration proves to be even more significant after the launch of BioCred, an innovative solution which enables authentication via biometric recognition, with technology certified by the U.S. FBI, in full compliance with the GDPR regulation thanks to the choice of returning biometric data to the client rather than the institution keeping a copy.