Panini S.p.A, a global payments technology provider, is pleased to name Shenzhen Qixin Electronics Co.,LTD as the “2021 Manufacturing Vendor of the Year” toward their achievement of excellence in terms of delivery performance, flexibility, quality and technical skills.

Shenzhen Qixin Electronics Co. manufactures power supplies and has distinguished themselves for their superior products along with their proactivity in providing skills and resources to solve technical and qualitative problems. Qixin was established in 2011 in China and is an ISO 9001 approved factory, which puts the highest attention on safety and quality. This certified production ensures compliance with strict safety standards, which are also applied to quality control and raw material selection.

This quality-focused supplier puts great commitment and dedication to create high levels of satisfaction, even in the critical present-day global scenario. Moreover, their delivery performance has been remarkable in terms of compliance with punctuality and safeguard of price levels. Finally, from a relationship standpoint, Qixin’s team has always been a kind and helpful group to work with throughout our partnership.

We are very pleased to recognize the award to Qixin as they have proven to be a trusted partner rather than just a supplier. We would like to thank the Qixin team for their support and commitment over the last 12 months, which has contributed to our business results and growth.”

states Manlio Lombardo, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Panini.