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Please provide us with an elevator pitch of your company’s core competencies and reference markets.

We assist financial institutions with the onboarding and ongoing support of their commercial clients who require check scanners for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), banking supplies for payables and receivables, smart safes for cash handling, and client training and conversion support stemming from banking platform changes or M&A activity.

What is the basis of your company’s relationship with Panini? Describe how our two companies work together in a few words.

Panini has been a trusted partner of Superior Press since 2005 when we purchased one million dollars of Panini check scanners on behalf of our mutual client, who launched their RDC program in November 2005. From that time on, we have continued to add financial institutions to our RDC fulfillment program and in doing so, we continued to build our Panini customer base each month.

Tell us what’s unique about your company. What makes you stand out vs. your competitors? 

What makes Superior Press unique is we put the customer experience first, ensuring our banking partners and their clients are delighted with our service, delivering on time, every time. We have an extensive background in operating call centers and order entry portals for the largest banks in the nation for order processing, production, and shipment of banking supplies. Because of our fulfillment expertise and secure online platforms, robust reporting, billing files, and ability to support sales tax collection and remittance nationwide, we were able to add new clients to our program each month and expand our customer base across the country.  Compliance and security are at the core of our processes, enabling us to satisfy vendor management and legal relatively quickly. Our operations are scalable to support same day order shipment, a SLA we have achieved each month since we entered the scanner business in 2005.  We have continued to add products and services in support of Treasury Management, Client Services, and Bank Operations, such as Remote Cash Capture, and most recently, our Client Conversion Services to assist with the migration of clients from one banking platform or product to a new version.

Anything else you'd like to share with our followers about your company and/or working with Panini?

In case you didn’t know, Superior Press is a family owned business with three generations currently active in the business. What our customers love about Superior Press is that we deliver on the promises we make, we are always accessible, and our team members are responsive, knowledgeable, and delightful to work with. We appreciate the partnership we have with Panini and look to continue working together in bringing best of class solutions to the market.