Do you have a broken check scanner or other business equipment? The Advanced Unit Exchange (AUE) program at Panini can replace critical equipment in just 24 hours to get you back to business faster.

Panini AUE, part of our total protection services program, is the fastest way to get your devices back online quickly. Whether you’re an operations manager at a financial institution, property management office, retail store, or even a restaurant, you know just how devastating it can be when a business-critical device goes offline—you depend on receipt printers, check scanners, teller printers, and even portable scanners every day. If one of these devices stops working, it can bring business to a grinding halt and that costs valuable time.

What is AUE?

There are a lot of different naming conventions out there for this sort of depot repair service, so you might have heard some of these similar phrases before: Advance Exchange, Advance Exchange Services, Advanced Exchange Programs, Advanced Exchange Support, or Advanced Exchange Warranty. For clarity, we’re going to just call it Advanced Unit Exchange.

The benefit of AUE is that business owners and operations managers don’t have to wait days or even weeks to get new or repaired devices like receipt printers. Instead, all it takes is a single phone call to quickly get a certified, like new replacement device the next business day.

How does AUE work?

The AUE program makes use of repair depots located all over the country to make sure that parts and devices are readily available in your area. To best explain how it works, we’ll use an example.

Imagine that you’re an operations manager at a bank branch and one of your check scanners has just gone down. Under your AUE agreement, here’s what the process looks like for you:

  1.    You call your AUE fulfillment provider.
  2.    A certified replacement, like new check scanner will be shipped and delivered next business day
  3.    You receive the replacement.
  4.    Using a provided shipping label and the same box you received the replacement scanner in, you box up the broken check scanner and send it to the AUE provider. Shipping costs will already be paid for.

It’s really that simple. AUE will drastically reduce the downtime of your device by getting you a working device quickly. Because you send the broken device back in the same box, you cut down on packaging waste and shipping costs.

What devices are covered?

This can vary widely depending on the AUE program. Most manufacturers will only offer similar programs for their own products, and possibly only select products they sell. If you have a lot of different devices from different companies, using their services can make things complicated.

Using a third party that services multiple brands – like Panini - can offer a cost-effective and simple solution for a variety of devices. While this can vary greatly across programs, the most commonly covered devices under AUE programs are:

  • Receipt printers
  • Check scanners
  • Teller printers
  • Payment/transaction equipment
  • Monitor screens
  • Laptop/computer screens
  • Mobile device screens
  • Slip printers
  • Tag machines
  • Portable scanners

More Value from AUE

If the quick replacement of devices isn’t enough to convince you of the benefits of AUE, consider some other advantages of this type of program:

  • Reduce Storage Clutter - you might currently stash backup devices and parts in the event that something goes down. After all, you can’t afford to have a critical device offline for days or even weeks. With AUE, you know that a replacement device can be onsite quickly so you don’t need to waste valuable storage space keeping your own backups.
  • Reduce E-Waste - when broken devices are discarded, it generates waste—approximately 41.8 million tons of e-waste was generated worldwide in 2014 according to The Balance Small Business. By sending broken devices to an AUE provider, they can refurbish the device and it can be reused rather than increasing e-waste.