Reduce Risk. Simplify Compliance. Increase Revenue.

ValidātID is an innovative identity authentication software platform that prevents fraud in just seconds while meeting your financial institution’s legal requirements and streamlining workflows.

ValidātID relies on a global library supporting over 200 Countries, with 6,000+ ID document formats, including all Passports and Driver's Licenses from all 50 US States.

Features & Benefits

    • ID cards are scanned and the document type is identified (over 6,000 document types in vast library), data is then extracted (barcodes, OCR-readable text), up to 50 individual forensic authentication tests are performed (varies by ID), and results are provided in approx. 5-10 seconds

    • Data is immediately extracted and imported into your banking software
    • ID images can be saved per State laws

    • Email warnings and fraudulent ID information can be automatically sent to anyone you deem necessary to review them

    • Check Watch Lists (optional) – Customer information is checked against worldwide watch lists such as OFAC, Interpol, etc.

    • Run queried reports including OFAC results - anytime

    • Customize results to fit your needs, add notes, customize added fields, save images, etc.

    • Driver’s Licenses
    • Tribal Identification
    • Visa’s
    • Military Identification
    • Government (PIV, CAC, TWIC)
    • Voter ID
    • Alien Registration
    • Border Crossing Cards
    • Medical Insurance Cards
    • Automotive Insurance Cards

Know Your Customers during new account openings and authenticate customer identifications before banking transactions at the teller level.