Leverage your Panini scanner to prevent fraud and automate data capture.

Panini is partnering with some of the finest secure identity solution providers in the industry, allowing you to leverage their advanced platforms to conveniently authenticate ID documents and prevent fraud in seconds while streamlining workflows.

The ValidātID capability of Vision neXt and EverneXt scanners is designed to help financial institutions and other businesses automate their customer-facing onboarding and transaction processes; protecting them against identity theft and other types of fraud.

ValidātID-enabled scanners can provide high-quality duplex ID card images, which are essential for accurate and quick document authentication – the primary cornerstone of most modern identity verification and KYC processes. The captured images are leveraged by the chosen software both for verifying the document’s authenticity – thanks to advanced controls based on constantly updated databases and sophisticated forensic tests – and for extracting key document data, which can seamlessly flow to the chosen banking or business application once the controls pass successfully. The data capture phase avoids manual entry and eliminates related errors, speeding up a critical process while keeping the business and customers safe.

"ValidātID means our scanners’ proven technology can be used for another fundamental function besides payments processing: protecting Financial Institutions from the growing wave of impersonation fraud, while at the same time improving the customer experience," says Rich Kane, CEO, Panini.


Features & Benefits

Instantly prevent fraud via superior document authentication functionality

Be compliant – an essential element of regulatory compliance processes

Impress Customers – improve customer experience with security assurance

Help Your Staff – focus on client conversations and relationship building

Eliminate Data Entry Errors – customer data can seamlessly flow to chosen application

Multi-functionality – leverage Panini scanners’ advanced capabilities

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