Instantly prevent fraud. Impress Your Customers. Help Your Staff.

Panini ValidātID is an innovative identity authentication and data capture software platform that prevents fraud in seconds while streamlining workflows.

ValidātID is designed to help financial institutions and other businesses automate their customer-facing processes while protecting themselves against identity theft and other types of fraud. ValidātID extracts document data from multiple sources, checks the ID’s authenticity by applying advanced forensic tests and controls on image format, data consistency, expiration date, and can optionally check it against popular watch lists such as OFAC. Once controls pass successfully, customer data seamlessly flows to the chosen banking or business application, eliminating manual errors and speeding up critical transaction processes – all while keeping the business and customers safe.

"ValidātID is a solution that specifically addresses the massive and growing problem worldwide with identity theft and identity fraud," says Michael Pratt, CEO, Panini. "With ValidātID, you can make sure the identification credentials are authentic and that the person is who they say they are."


Features & Benefits

Instantly prevent fraud – upfront verification of document authenticity

Be compliant – functions as first line of defense in regulatory compliance processes

Impress Customers – improve customer experience with security assurance

Help Your Staff – focus on customer conversations and relationship building

Eliminates Data Entry Errors – customer data seamlessly flows to chosen application

Choice of Scanning Platforms – Panini Vision neXt & EverneXt check scanners, compact ID and passport scanners

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Key Product Characteristics

  • Connects data capture functionality to banking software, resulting in a powerful automation tool
  • Relies on a global document library supporting over 200 countries, with 6,000+ ID document formats, including Passports and Driver’s Licenses from all 50 U.S. states
  • Uses 50+ forensic tests on high-resolutions document images and extracted data
  • Optionally checks OFAC and other popular watch lists
  • Includes admin settings to differentiate types of feedback (yellow caution events, red alerts, possible outcomes)
  • Allows automated or manual email alerts to supervisors
  • Creates repositories for images and alert reports