Teller-facing customer identification platform

The KeyMax 1011 is a professional teller keyboard featuring a bi-directional magstripe reader, EMV IC chip card reader, optional NFC reader, and an integrated USB hub.

This premium keyboard is for clients who require a long lasting, high quality device, where user interruption is minimized. All types of cards can be read: magstripe (bi-directional), chip and RFID — integrated into the keyboard and requiring no additional devices or increased footprint. Do it all from one point, with an ergonomic all-in-one that saves space, time, mistakes, prevents fraud, and includes all the necessary functions required to authenticate customers and process transactions. A sleek and ideal complement to Panini scanners used at the teller.

The USB cable is detachable, or an RS-type cable option is available to prevent accidental disconnection. The integrated USB hub allows to connect additional peripherals with easier cable management.

In case the FInancial Institution prefers authentication to take place on the Customer side, the eKrypto PINphab will serve this goal.


Features & Benefits

Multifunctional & Efficient

Ergonomic & Compact

Saves Time, Stops Errors & Reduces Fraud

Sophisticated & Secure


Contactless proximity card reader

SAM cards: 1 x SAM on side and underside

Biometric fingerprint reader

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: (W x L x H) 15.9 x 7 x 1.6” (403 x 179 x 40 mm)
  • Connection Interface: 3 x USB (1 x upstream, 2 x downstream)
  • Operation Indication: LED light and beeper
  • Reliability MSR: up to 1 million swipes
  • Smart: Up to 500,000 insertions
  • Magnetic Cards: 1, 2, & 3 tracks read
  • Manual Feeding Speed: 8”/sec ~ 47”/sec (20 cm/sec ~ 120 cm/sec)
  • Keys: 104 soft tactile keys (keys based on Gold Crosspoint technology, with tactile feeling).
  • Adjustability: 2° to 12°
  • Working Temperature: 32 ~ 104 °F (0 ~ 40 °C)
  • Working Humidity: 15% ~ 85% no condensation
  • Data Format Standard: ISO/ANSI for magnetic cards; ISO7816 for CPU/memory card
  • Color :Most colors of your choice (quantity requirements apply)
  • Cable: 2 meters (6.6’); optional 3 meters (9.8’)