Thirty years ago the Mario Negri Institute opened the first center in Italy dedicated to research on rare diseases. Today, within the Aldo and Cele Daccò Clinical Research Center for Rare Diseases a team of researchers, doctors and nurses are committed to study and treat some of these otherwise forgotten diseases.

Among them is Dr. Lisa Quadri, from the Laboratory of Immunology and Genetics of Rare Diseases, who - thanks to the generous grant supported by Panini's Board of Directors - will be able to study the molecular mechanisms underlying Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis (MPGN).

This rare kidney disease affects mostly children and young adults and is caused by malfunction of the complement system, the first defense barrier against infection. To date, there is no specific cure, and many patients are forced to undergo dialysis and transplants. Dr. Quadri's line of research appears therefore very important to help find suitable drugs and to improve the quality of life of affected patients.