Secure Instant Issuance of financial cards is becoming a new must for modern Financial Institutions.

Limited recovery of the economy, low interest rates, and fee regulation have forced FIs to examine new ways of making money – and saving money. Branches need to deliver a high-quality customer experience that is fast, hassle-free, and highly personalized, yet establishes deeper relations.

Panini Cards On The SpotTM Prestige helps Banks and Credit Unions retain cardholders and generate income by providing a complete, fully-integrated solution to instantly issue any type of financial card, including both Visa and MasterCard.

Specially designed for financial institutions with more complex needs, Cards On The Spot Prestige is a browser-based application capable of multiple high-quality personalized card types using a single card printer, such as the Panini Cardmint FX based on retransfer technology, or a desktop embosser. It includes up to 15 flat card designs, along with the ability to design your own custom catalog.

The Single Sign On (SSO) feature allows MS Windows® credentials to be used for username and password validation, making the use of the system even easier. The Executive Dashboard feature offers graphical display of issuance and system statistics, providing a powerful and easy-to-use reporting tool.

Cards On The Spot Prestige is EMV-ready, Visa and MasterCard compliant, and available in the following delivery modes:


Simple, cost effective solution that allows permanent cards to be issued in the branch with activation occurring during nightly processing.


Permanent cards issued at branch with integration to your Transaction Network Processor allowing cards to be activated before the customer leaves the branch.


Card and customer data is transferred from the core system, reducing the need to duplicate data in multiple applications making card creation process more efficient.


Seamless integration between COTS, your Core banking platform and Transaction Network provides the most efficient process for creating cards and building long term customer relationships.