Secure Identity

Authentication requires users to prove that they really are who they say they are; before being given authorization, which then dictates what the user can access.

Panini has an expanding range of solutions to address the various options for reliable and user-friendly customer authentication, both for new customers’ first enrollment and for transactions requested by existing customers.

What you have

What You HAVE (ID cards, credit/debit cards)

  • Every customer has at least one document
  • Some documents have anti-counterfeiting characteristics

ValidatID, KeyMax, PINphab

What you know

What You KNOW (password, PIN)

  • It is secret, personal information
  • It is usually paired with a second element (username, chip card...)


What you are

What You ARE (biometrics)

  • The security level is the highest
  • Most documents have anti-counterfeiting characteristics worth leveraging

PINphab, others under development