Secure Identity

Panini has an expanding range of solutions to address the various options for reliable and user-friendly customer verification and authentication.

Ensuring your customers are who they say they are, Panini provides options both for new customers’ first enrollment and for transactions requested by existing ones, utilizing the critical components of authentication... 


What you have

What You HAVE (ID cards, credit/debit cards)

  • Every customer has at least one document
  • Some documents have anti-counterfeiting characteristics

ValidatID, PINphab

What you know

What You KNOW (password, PIN)

  • It is secret, personal information
  • It is usually paired with a second element (username, chip card...)


What you are

What You ARE (biometrics)

  • The security level is the highest
  • Most documents have anti-counterfeiting characteristics worth leveraging

PINphab, others under development