Teller Image Capture

Teller capture is the process of capturing checks and related items on a scanner at the teller window in the branch of a Financial Institution (FI). Any errors encountered during capture are corrected by the teller and the data is then sent electronically to a teller system and other upstream processing systems of the FI.

Since the majority of work performed by a teller in a branch is related to processing checks, teller capture has the potential to make substantial improvements in branch operations, so it is quickly emerging as the optimal (or end state) model for FIs, even if starting with a back counter (branch) implementation. There are tremendous benefits in deploying teller capture including reduced operating costs, smoother workflows, improved customer experience, increased branch sales potential, reduced transportation expense and much more.

While the potential for teller capture to directly impact the branch bottom-line is clear, without high quality capture – which minimizes teller intervention and application downtime – these benefits cannot be fully realized. Panini check scanning platforms deliver the best technology to ensure accurate data capture and to maintain it over time, as well acting as a tool for branch transformation thanks to their multi-functionality and ease of use, which allow even inexperienced users to be productive in minutes and keep focusing on the customers’ needs instead of on transactions.


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