It’s been almost three years since we heard “Covid-19” for the first time, and in the meantime the pandemic has deeply changed the way we interact, we live and, of course, we work.

In Panini we began to smartwork, as we say in Italy with an English word (!), which was a pretty new and maybe a little upsetting experience. This new habit was there to stay, even though the softening of the global emergency has somewhat reduced its necessity.
Working from home does have its pro and cons. Here there are a few tips we did our best to follow when we were on lockdown, to make the experience as productive and at the same time as enjoyable and convenient as possible:

1. Organize your day: know what you have to do
2. Maintain regular hours and take structured breaks
3. Have a dedicated space and be correctly comfortable
4. Eliminate distractions
5. Stay healthy!

The point on a dedicated space may seem secondary, but should not be underestimated: especially if you do not live alone, remote-working can get quite challenging sometimes!
If you wish to deepen this particular topic, i.e. how to choose the perfect spot for working at your place, you should check this interesting post by Deniero Bartolini, founder of The Remote CEO, linked here.