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Descubra los retos y prioridades a los que se enfrentan nuestros clientes y cómo la implantación inteligente de la tecnología adecuada puede resolver los problemas y mejorar la eficiencia.

Panini estará encantado de compartir su cartera de Libros Blancos y discutir con Usted cualquier punto que le parezca interesante.

FB Emerging Tech 2022

Future Branches Emerging Technologies Report

Learn how newly developed technology will play a role in the future of bank branches as banks and banking relationships continue to evolve.

WBR Post-Pandemic 2021

Planning for Post-pandemic Success

Learn how European banks are looking at the future of their branches, including the role of biometrics and digital banking, after the shifts brought on by a global pandemic and subsequent measures which restricted in-person contact.

Intelligent Capture RWC

Intelligent Capture Enables Channel Innovation

Learn how intelligent capture technology fits in an evolving banking world which has become increasingly digitized in a post-Covid world.

Biometrics and the Retail Banking Experience

Understand the role of biometrics in retail banking, how it’s changing, and the benefits and challenges of adopting biometrics in this study conducted by Panini and WBR.

TIC best practises Panini

TIC Best Practices: A Branch Perspective

Teller Image Capture has seen increasing successful adoption in recent years. Learn about the advantages of TIC as well as best practices for implementation.

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