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Please provide us with an elevator pitch of your company’s core competencies and reference markets.

Benchmark Technology Group is Banking’s premier branch automation partner. From helping banks pick out the right hardware and software, to installation of the final products, Benchmark can help transform a branch from the very first step!

What is the basis of your company’s relationship with Panini? Describe how our two companies work together in a few words.

Benchmark Technology Group has been a reseller of Panini’s solutions for 15 years. We have partnered closely to win strategic deals, as well as working together on the day-to-day. Our longstanding history makes us trustworthy partners who enable each other’s success.

Tell us what’s unique about your company. What makes you stand out vs. your competitors? 

Panini products have strong brand identity with customers and they are very loyal to partners like us.

What do you like best about working with Panini?

Benchmark realizes its bank customers have choices and we look to satisfy those when fortunate enough to serve them. Benchmark continues to strive to differentiate itself from  other options in the market for banking technology through expert level service, available conversion and installation support, and industry knowledge that rivals any of its competitors.