When you first think of transactions that would require a cashier to ask for identification, you probably think of Alcohol and Tobacco sales, but there are a lot more reasons to check ID. Not all “transactions” that require ID are in a retail setting. There are a lot of different interactions with businesses or organizations that may require ID verification.

1 - Debit/Credit Card Transactions
Policies regarding checking a person’s ID when using a Credit or Debit card vary by card issuer and possible by vendor. For example, Visa & Mastercard both have policies that state ID should only be verified if the card is unsigned. This is why some people will write something like “See ID” on the back of their cards rather than signing—if the merchant checks the card, they should ask for the buyer’s ID to verify that the card hasn’t been stolen.

2 - Check Purchases
Similar to checking ID for Credit/Debit cards, many merchants will request ID when you pay with a personal check. Many retailers require cashiers to write or enter the Driver’s License number, which can be prone to error since the information is being recorded manually—especially if the cashier has handwriting that is difficult to decipher later.

3 - Library & Membership Programs
In the case of a public library, you’re not even making a purchase, but your identity still needs to be verified before a membership card can be issued. This can be true for many different types of membership programs so that the business or organization can verify your identity and your legal address. Gyms are a great example of membership programs that will require identification when you first sign up.

4 - Buying & Cashing In Lottery Tickets
You must be at least 18 to purchase lottery tickets, so merchants should check ID to verify the age of young customers. Additionally, when you cash in lottery tickets, you’ll be required to show identification regardless of your age.

5 - Body Piercings & Tattoos
In most states, you must be at least 18 to get body piercings or tattoos, but in some parental permission can be given. Even if a minor were to get a piercing/tattoo with parental permission, the parent/guardian would need to provide ID.

6 - Buy or Rent a Car
This one is sort of obvious because aside from any other reason, the business selling or renting the car to you needs to verify that you have a license to drive. Even if you’re purchasing a car second hand from an individual, you’ll be required to show ID when you transfer the title into your name. When renting a car, ID verification is even more important because you must be at least 21 to rent a car. Some rental agencies will charge an additional “young driver” fee for anyone under 25.

7 - Medicine & Medical Treatment
Over the counter medication doesn’t always require that a buyer show identification, but there are some that cannot be purchased by minors, so a merchant may ask for ID to verify age. Additionally, you must show ID when you receive medical treatment at a clinic or hospital. Part of this check has to do with age verification because minors must have a parent or guardian present.

8 - Gun Purchases
Gun laws vary by state, but no matter what state you’re in, you’ll need to provide identification. There are many different reasons a gun seller needs to verify your ID, including age. Under Federal Law, there are restrictions on who may lawfully own a firearm, which requires identity verification and even background checks. For example, no one that has been convicted of a felony may legally purchase a gun.

9 - Adopting a Pet
This will vary depending on where you are adopting your pet. Each shelter will have different policies, but all will require some form of documentation to confirm your identity and your address. Shelters in particular strive to ensure pets go to a good, safe home. Additional documentation or even home visits might be required prior to adoption.

10 - Rent a Hotel Room
When you rent a hotel room, you will be asked to present ID and, often, a credit card for incidentals. At most hotels, the minimum age for renting a room is 18, however, this can vary based on the hotel’s policy. Not only do hotel staff need to verify your age, but also your personal details.

Panini Makes ID Verification Easier
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