October in Northern Italy is a "borderline" month in terms of climate: while some days are sunny, pleasant and cool, others tend to be damp, cloudy and to feel rather gloomy. We though a day like the former would offer a perfect opportunity to resume our volunteering with ProNatura Torino, who planned to repair a damaged edge on Trail 27, leading up to the majestic Basilica of Superga which overlooks the city.

So here we are summoning three enthusiatic colleagues - Rossella (Operations - Supply Chain), Marco (Operations - Quality) and Maurizio (R&D - Software) to leverage a few hours of their time and, most important, their energy and goodwill. At the end of the morning the edge of the trail is fully repaired with skillfully placed strong wood chunks, now ready for safe hiking once again.

A comment from Rossella, who loves nature and is a runner: "No one ever pays attention to the fact that the paths where we venture out to walk in nature are not created and maintained by nature itself: they are the result of the work of people who voluntarily offer their time to preserve the environment and to offer a safe and pleasant setting for others to enjoy (and respect!)."
Maurizio echoes, "It's nice to think that there's someone out there who cares about preserving a treasure that belongs to everyone, and that even if it's in a small way, I've made a contribution."



Marco relates this experience to his role in Quality and adds: "This day was a confirmation that when we take for granted that a goal has been achieved, or we consider obvious that a product will be successful, it's only because a constant and hardly visible work of maintenance, review, verification has been going on in the backstage."

ProNatura has been maintaining hiking trails on the Torino hill for decades, and in 2021 Panini has decided to join them as part of our Corporate Goodwill initiative.