Life has certainly changed for many of us due to the social distancing environment requirements of COVID 19. I am proud to work for Panini and to be able to support my customer’s business needs during this time. Panini has taken significant steps to ensure employees safety and support while making sure critical operations to provide products and services to our customers is not interrupted.

I am one of the fortunate ones who can work from home as are many of the customers and business partners I work with. I have found that staying at home doesn’t mean I can’t be just as productive, just a change in how we work together virtually with our colleagues and customers, who face additional challenges in providing services to their clients without direct in person contact.

I miss the in person meetings with customers but also appreciate that I have much more time at home to spend with loved ones for this temporary period and to take advantage of the spring weather to enjoy my outdoor hobbies, golf and fishing in particular. I find it helps keep my attitude positive by investing my energy into the both the business and the personal elements I enjoy.  I live in Destin, Florida and love outdoor recreational opportunities that abound in this area. I’m not sharing my golf score cards yet ( still a work in progress recovering from a torn hamstring while skateboarding with my granddaughter, but that’s another story…).

I have attached some pictures from recent fishing trips. I hope any of you that enjoy fishing appreciate these and get the opportunities to explore outdoors in your respective areas. If you get the chance to come to Destin I’m sure you will enjoy this area. In the meantime stay safe, appreciate your blessings and look forward to when we can all socialize with customers and friends again.

Glen Devall

Strategic Account Manager, Panini