Sohesar Lake Pakistan

Setembro 24, 2021

Panini positioned for success in Pakistan

Pakistan's central bank, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has recently announced the formal launch of the image-based cheque system (IBCS) through National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT), the cheque clearing house of Pakistan.

Future Branches

Julho 21, 2021

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Panini logo,

Junho 15, 2021

Panini Joins the FIDO Alliance

Panini, a global payments technology provider, is pleased to announce they have joined the FIDO Alliance, the industry association focused on reducing the world’s over-reliance on passwords with the development of, use of, and compliance with standards for authentication. 

Panini logo, Panini production

Maio 28, 2021

2021 Manufacturing Vendor of the Year Award

Panini is pleased to launch the 2021 Manufacturing Vendor of the Year program to award our top performing manufacturing suppliers. Rating for the program will be based on Quality, Delivery performance, Flexibility, and Technical skills. 

“We have outstanding manufacturing suppliers and are happy to award their efforts with this new program,” says Manlio Lombardo, Director of Operation, Panini. “The four categories by which we’ll measure are critical to our success, and we’re confident our vendor partners will continue to exceed the standard expected performance.”

Maio 26, 2021

Panini Expands Product Management team in Turin, Welcomes Elena Orlandi

Panini is pleased to welcome Elena Orlandi as Product Management & Marketing Manager at the company’s headquarters in Turin, Italy. Elena will work alongside Panini’s R&D team in the innovation center where they’re accelerating the company’s roadmap and developing new products. 

“Elena’s experience with SAAS, IT and digital solutions are exactly the skills we need on our product management team in Turin,” says Jean-Phillipe Ruault, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, Panini. “We’re pleased to welcome her as we expand and strengthen our team in Turin.”

Março 23, 2021

A Panini dá as boas-vindas ao novo Diretor de Tecnologia e Estratégia

Panini, um fornecedor global de tecnologia de pagamentos, tem o prazer de anunciar que, a partir de 3 de março de 2021, Jean-Philippe Ruault ingressou na empresa como Diretor de Tecnologia e Estratégia. O Sr. Ruault, que também chefiará todas as Vendas Internacionais, é um profissional altamente talentoso com mais de 25 anos de experiência empresarial diversificada e conhecimento aprofundado dos mercados da EMEA, Ásia-Pacífico e América Latina, com foco no setor bancário, de fintechs e serviços financeiros.

Fevereiro 03, 2021

A Panini anuncia a nova liderança e sede corporativa

A Panini, um fornecedor global de tecnologias de pagamentos, tem o prazer de anunciar que a partir de 1º de janeiro de 2021, Richard Kane ingressou na empresa como Diretor Executivo e conduzirá a sua transformação e crescimento contínuo. Além disso, a empresa mudará a sua sede para um novo e moderno local em Turim. 

Outubro 08, 2020

Panini Responds to Demand for New RDC Check Scanner

Panini, a global leader in check truncation and secure identity solutions, is announcing the commercial release of Panini Vision E, the latest addition to the company’s market-leading check scanner lineup. The Vision E –  built on the foundation of the world’s best selling check scanner, the Panini Vision X – responds to industry demand for an affordable, API-free and driverless batch check scanner for remote deposit capture (RDC).

Março 24, 2020

Panini Contributes €100,000 to Local Communities in Response to COVID-19 Crisis

Panini SpA, a global leader in check truncation and secure identity solutions, has collaborated with company shareholders to contribute €100,000 to the communities where its employees live and work to help with the emergency response to COVID-19. Panini’s deep connections to its local communities are based on 75 years of operation in Torino, Italy and 25 years in Dayton, Ohio.