I am so very excited to take part in a product offering with such an extreme market demand. The Panini team is rolling out a new solution that complements our Vision neXt and EverneXt products; as their high-quality ID scan capability provides an opportunity to prevent/fight fraud.
With the ever-growing fraud epidemic exceeding over $19B in the US alone in 2018; it is understandable why bankers are excited to talk to us about our new solution called . The most exciting part for me is that is so much more than just ID authentication - that is just the beginning! 

Managers at the platform desk love the fact that with several clicks they can scan an ID and in just seconds:

  • Authenticate an ID with 50+ individual forensic authentication tests being conducted;
  • Extract pertinent information from the ID and immediately place into account software;
  • Provide automatic and discrete warnings to the fraud department and management;
  • Set friendly customer notifications in regards to an ID's expiration;
  • Conduct OFAC and other financial related background checks = (KYC);
  • And much more!

This is such a great opportunity for banks to fight fraud, increase office efficiencies, and add to their bottom line.

Be on the lookout for our product launch this October!

Bart McMannon
Product Marketing Manager, Panini

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