A New Beginning

On February 4th, I joined Panini North America as Sr. Vice President of Global Technical Services (GTS).  The primary mission of the GTS organization is to provide world class customer service that consistently meets or exceeds Panini customer expectations.  I learned on day one, that this isn’t just a mission statement, it’s a way of life here at Panini.

I have spent the last 30 years working for a technology company serving the surveying and mapping, construction, agriculture, and buildings industries.  26 of those 30 years were spent in a customer service role working from entry level support positions all the way to director level roles.  The mission wasn’t much different from that of the Panini mission.  “Meet or exceed customer expectations”!  While we performed extremely well as a services business, we did so mainly within the vertical segment of service and support.  At Panini, customer service is at the forefront of all functional areas, across all vertical business units.  

From Operations, to Sales and Marketing, Administration, R&D, and of course, Global Services, ensuring the customer is taken care of and happy with the Panini experience is “Job #1”.  It’s extremely refreshing to start a new chapter in my career for a company that truly puts the customer first.  From our first in class partner network, to the customers using our products daily, I look forward to meeting and/or speaking with all of you.  It’s a new beginning and I’m excited for the future with the Panini family!

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